Sep 11, 2006 News Wire

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  • A new design pattern for search engines that revolves around progressive filtering of results, rather than a single query. The Implementation section is especially interesting, as it covers some of the ugly browser issues still facing AJAX developers.
  • Covering similar ground to my editorial in Tech Times #146, this article proposes that the future of desktop computing is not in AJAX, but in desktop applications that are enhanced to take advantage of Internet-based resources.
  • Produced by Creative Commons, ccHost is an open source web application for sharing media files online and building collaborative communities around them. The 3.0 release includes many significant new features. ccHost is written in PHP.
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  • Are you managing a single server that hosts multiple PHP web applications using virtual hosts? By configuring your server using Chroot and FastCGI, you can net big gains in both performance and security.
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  • In the ongoing saga of the class-action lawsuit against Target for its failure to add accessibility features to its online store, as may be required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, the judge in the case has denied Target’s motion to dismiss the su
  • Microsoft’s answer to Dreamweaver has reached Beta 1 status, and also gets a new, shorter name (previously: Microsoft Expression Web Designer).
  • A single AJAX interface for searching the documentation of C, C++, CSS, HTML, HTML DOM, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, Perl, PHP and Ruby. It even remembers which docs you are reading and restores them when you return.
  • Windows Vista RC1, which includes the new Internet Information Services (IIS) 6 is now available for public download. Running it on my work desktop, and it’s not bad at all. Just a few software compatibility issues.
  • Don’t offer someone as vocal as Joe Clark a job unless you want people to know about it. Google did just that recently, and Joe’s reply does a great job of critiquing how the company has treated its leadership role on the Web.
  • Tabbed widgets are relatively easy to create nowadays, with resources such as the Yahoo! User Interface Library providing ready-made solutions. But you should also consider the usability issues inherent in this type of widget.
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