Save the Planet and Save Cash

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Now there are lots of good reasons to be more “green”, saving the planet, moral obligation, yadda, yadda, yadda. But, let’s get a bit selfish here — what’s in it for me and my business? I mean, of course there is the feel good factor about doing the “right” thing, but what about saving some cold hard cash?

As it turns out (not too surprisingly), being a bit “green savvy” with your hardware purchases can save you a fair amount of power and money. So, before you buy your next computer here are a few handy resources to help make your decision:

  • The Electronic Product Environmental Asset Tool can help you discover the most environmentally sound desktop, laptop and monitor.
  • The energy star rating.
  • Calculate the savings in terms of money, C02, trees and cars (Excel Spreadsheet).
  • Investigate the efficiency of you power supplies at 80 Plus.
  • Calculate your server efficiency using the SWaP (Space, Watts and Performance) metric.

You can also check how your current computer performs, using power management tool or monitor your CO2 output on OSX using SusiClimate.

Being energy smart with your next computing purchase will save you money. Go on. Save some cash and help save the planet. TTFN.

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