Step by Step Sass

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Published September 2013

Save time and write better code in quick, easy steps.

Sass is a CSS meta-language that saves time, and allows you to write better quality code. In Step by Step Sass, you’ll learn how to use this powerful pre-processor in easy 5-10 minute steps.

The best thing about Sass is that you don’t have to understand every concept to use it—once you get past the installation and set up, you can start using it right away!

By introducing features not available within CSS3 itself, like variables, mixins, and nested code, Sass saves you time—and allows you to write neater, more consistent code. The time you’ll spend completing this course will be easily made up on your next web project!

What you'll learn

  • How to save time and effort with Sass’ powerful syntax
  • All about Sass’ simpler, more elegant syntax
  • How pre-processors work
  • How to use variables, mix-ins, and imports
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
Lisa Catalano

I'm a web developer, designer, teacher and student. Keeping up to speed on technology is a challenge these days, and I like to try to focus in on what is most important and useful.

Lesson 1: Intro
Getting the most from this course
Free Introduction 4:31
Lesson 2: Installing Sass
Free Installing Sass 5:36
Lesson 3: Class Project
Free Project Code
Class Project 4:52
Lesson 4: Compiling Sass
Convert Project into a Sass Project 4:58
Lesson 5: Variables
Sass Variables 6:26
Lesson 6: Comments
Sass Comments 2:54
Lesson 7: Nesting
Nesting 6:46
Nesting Code
Lesson 8: Extend
Extend Demo Code
Extend 8:44
Lesson 9: Mixins
Mixin Demo Code
Mixins 11:00
Lesson 10: Parent Selector
Parent Selector 8:14
Lesson 11: Import
Import 6:20
Lesson 12: Next Steps
Sass Resources
Next Steps 4:54

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