AtoZ: Sass

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Published July 2017

Learn Sass letter by letter

In AtoZ: Sass, we’ll explore all sorts of different Sass topics, attributes, properties, tools, and frameworks letter by letter.

CSS is a straightforward language in principal but in practice it can quickly get out of hand. Writing CSS can be repetitive, hard to organise and particularly challenging to manage when working with teams. Sass is a powerful CSS preprocessor that can help solve all of these common issues.

Throughout the course we’ll cover fundamental topics of Sass including using variables, nesting and mixins to better organise your styles. We’ll also look at more intermediate and advanced topics such as creating custom functions, loops, conditional statements, automation, build tools and digging into the inner workings of the Sass library. We’ll cover the theory and demonstrate practical applications of all these features so you can see how you might be able to apply these concepts to your own projects.

The goal of this course is to give you a thorough understanding of the library so you can keep your code organised, DRY and work quickly and efficiently. This course will teach you how to think like a programmer as you approach styling your projects and ultimately enable you to write more modular, more maintainable code.

To follow along with the practical aspects of this course you’ll need Sass installed so I recommend heading to the Sass documentation site and following the installation instructions.

For more getting started tips, check out SitePoint’s Jump Start Sass book.

To check out the first course in this AtoZ series, head on over to AtoZ: CSS — and see where it all started!

Oh yeah, and the whole SitePoint library! Learn More.

What you'll learn

  • Fundamentals of Sass
  • More advanced topics
  • How to think like a programmer
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
Guy Routledge

Front-end dev and teacher at The General Assembly London. A to Z CSS screencaster, founder @saplingdigital and co-founder @thefoodrush

Lesson 1: AtoZ: Sass
A: The Almighty Sass Ampersand 5:11
B: BEM with Sass 7:20
C: Color Functions in Sass 5:57
D: The Different Data Types in Sass 6:59
E: Extending Sass with @extend 8:38
F: Creating Custom Functions 6:40
G: Compiling Sass with Grunt and Gulp 10:57
H: A Handful of Handy Sass Mixins 5:15
I: Interpolation of Sass Variables 5:44
J: Sharing Variables Between Sass and JavaScript with JSON 6:02
K: Keyframe Animations with Sass 6:39
L: Sass Loops and Flow Control 10:03
M: Working With Sass Map Variables 6:36
N: Using Neat and Bourbon with Sass 10:48
O: The Optional and Default Flags 4:37
P: Performance and Sass 12:33
Q: Querying Media for Responsive Design 7:07
R: Generating Random Numbers in Sass 4:04
S: Sass Source Maps 5:55
T: Tuning Typography with Two Sass Plugins 7:18
U: Unit Functions in Sass 5:38
V: Variable Scope in Sass 6:24
W: Warn, Error and Debug Directives 5:54
X: Extending Sass with the Ruby API 6:36
Y: Using Yeoman to Kickstart Your Project 10:23
Z: Managing Z-index Across a Project 5:39

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