Master JavaScript Closures, Data Structures and Map/Reduce

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Published April 2016

Take your skills to the next level in JavaScript

If you’ve taken an introductory JavaScript course, or you have a little bit of experience with JavaScript or another programming language, this course can take your skills to the next level. This course focuses on the tools and techniques you need to understand to be effective and productive working on JavaScript in the real world. Get firmly grounded in the fundamentals of intermediate JavaScript with an eye to the future of this remarkable and evolving language.

Once you have found your footing with JavaScript, move onto ES6 with our course Diving into ES2015. If you’d like a different challenge, why not try Functional JavaScript Programming.

Oh yeah, and the whole SitePoint library! Learn More.

What you'll learn

  • Work comfortably with developer tools to test and debug code
  • Use JavaScript to store, access, and manipulate data easily
  • Understand and apply asynchronous programming techniques
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
M. David Green

A writer and agile coach, and the founder of Agile That Works, a consultancy that helps people in engineering organizations collaborate to make constant improvement a daily practice. David has worked as an engineer, a writer, a designer, a marketing director, and a communications analyst in companies from Fortune 100 giants to tiny high-tech startups in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. He also hosts the podcast Hack the Process at

Lesson 1: Introduction
Getting Started 4:47
Lesson 2: Regular Expressions
What is a Regular Expression? 13:21
Testing for Matches 9:22
Replacing 14:57
Delimiters and Choices 12:57
Match Index 9:22
Useful Patterns 16:43
Lesson 3: Closures and Hoisting
What is Closure? 5:30
Uses for Closure 10:10
Surprising Closure Behavior 9:18
Protecting Closures 6:02
Lesson 4: Data Structures
Reference Types 8:30
Arrays as Indexed Data 10:57
Objects as Keyed Data 11:07
Array Data Methods 7:27
Object Data Methods 14:04
Lesson 5: Beyond Iterations
Beyond Loops Revisited 1:54
forEach 8:21
Map 6:46
Reduce 3:50
Lesson 6: Course Conclusion
Conclusion 2:11

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