Learn ES2015 Programming Principles

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Published June 2016

Get ahead of the curve with ES2015

ES2015 is the next generation of JavaScript, and is quickly becoming a standard in browsers. In the next few years it will be the standard everywhere. Get ahead of the curve and start putting it to use now. ES2015 makes writing JavaScript much easier and a lot more fun!

We’ll be working with JavaScript, Babel and Node.js.

Learn to use ES6 with React in our course React the ES6 Way.

Oh yeah, and the whole SitePoint library! Learn More.

What you'll learn

  • Understand the basics of ES2015
  • Understand new ES2015 features like arrow functions and destructuring assignment
  • Write JavaScript with ES2015 standards
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
Darin Haener

Darin is a mostly autodidactic programmer, having learned Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and React through a lot of trial and error, unit testing, and a lot of Googling. Darin has now fallen in love with React and currently creating an application that is very React heavy and with more testing than he's ever seen in a JavaScript app.

Lesson 1: Introduction
Course Introduction 1:07
Course Tools 4:52
Lesson 2: Modules
Introducing Modules 5:27
How to Use Modules 2:12
Lesson 3: Variables and Scoping
Let and Constants 3:39
Block Scope Variables 4:18
Block Scope Functions 1:04
Lesson 4: Arrow Functions
How to Use Arrow Functions 2:58
Arrow Functions in the Real World 3:29
Lesson 5: Parameter Handling and Destructuring
Destructuring Assignment 8:08
Parameter Handling 3:09
Making a Receipt Totaler 2:58
Lesson 6: Template Strings
Template Literals 4:14
Making a Receipt Printer 2:30
Lesson 7: Classes
Introducing Classes 1:50
Definition and Inheritance 5:13
Getters, Setters, and Base Class Access 2:08
Static Members 1:45
Lesson 8: Conclusion
Course Conclusion 0:55

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