Creating automated and instructional tests with RSpec

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Well made tests, to accurately test your code.

  • 6 Videos
  • 1 hours 38 minutes
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About the course

Automated testing has been around for years and for good reason. When working with complex apps, you can’t possibly re-test all the features after refactoring your code or introducing new ones. Automated tests make our lives as developers easier by doing all the dirty job for us. However, explaining instructions to tests isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Let’s teach you about how to write tests for various parts of your app.

For more on testing, you might be interested in Test-Driven Development in Node.js. Alternatively, Ruby Metaprogramming has you covered for more Ruby lessons.

  • 6 Videos
  • 1 hours 38 minutes
  • 306 Happy Students

Courses Outline

Lesson 1: Feature Tests with RSpec
Setting Up Automated Testing with RSpec
Managing Sample Data with Fixtures and Factories
Testing Views, Routes, and Helpers for Problems in Your Rails App
Testing Your Rails App Models with RSpec
Ensure Functionality with RSpec Controller Testing
Feature Tests with RSpec: Simulate User Behavior and Test Your Ruby App
  • 6 Videos
  • 1 hours 38 minutes
  • 306 Happy Students