Building Your First Website with Bootstrap 4

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Learn how to save countless hours of tweaking time by jumpstarting your projects with Bootstrap 4.

  • 9 Videos
  • 2 hours 9 minutes
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About the course

Do you ever come up with a great website idea, only to get bogged down in front-end setup, wanting to get your layout looking just right?

Perhaps you use the instant gratification of endless stylesheet tweaking to procrastinate on that all-important back-end logic?

Bootstrap is the most popular front-end framework on the web, and many developers use it when they want to get straight to the heart of a new project, instead of dealing with fiddly styling and interaction details.

You’ve learned the basics of Bootstrap 4 and how to build your first, simple site.

Now, we’ll build a complete website called Skate or Die to cover advanced Bootstrap. This is where you’ll learn navbars, carousels, nested rows and columns, modals, images, the FontAwesome integration and more.

By the time you’re done, you’ll be able to whip up an attractive and perfectly aligned layout in no time at all. You’ll have to find another way to procrastinate!

This is part three of a three part series. Get the full benefit by completing them in order:

  • 9 Videos
  • 2 hours 9 minutes
  • 4071 Happy Students

Courses Outline

Lesson 1: Bootstrap 4: Skate or Die Website
Skate or Die Intro
Bootstrap 4 - Working with Navbars
Bootstrap 4 - Using Carousels
Bootstrap 4 - Nesting rows and columns
Bootstrap 4 - First Modal
Bootstrap 4 - Adding images and buttons
Bootstrap 4 - Sizing Modals
Bootstrap 4 - Building the Footer
Bootstrap 4 - Working with Font Awesome Favicons
  • 9 Videos
  • 2 hours 9 minutes
  • 4071 Happy Students