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Published May 2017

A guide into CSS, letter by letter.

Have you come across different CSS properties and wondered about how you can properly use it?

In our guide into CSS, we look into a CSS property closely with Guy Routledge as he teaches us all there is to know about CSS properties and their proper use cases.

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What you'll learn

  • About different CSS properties, letter by letter.
  • How to correctly apply CSS properties.
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
Guy Routledge

Front-end dev, teacher at The General Assembly London. A to Z CSS screencaster, founder @saplingdigital and co-founder @thefoodrush.

Lesson 1: Exploring CSS
The CSS Value of Auto 4:48
The CSS Box Model 3:42
Color Syntax 5:37
The CSS Display Property 5:08
The Enabled Pseudo Class 3:01
Float and Clear 5:43
The General Sibling Selector 4:30
The Hover Pseudo Class 5:29
The ID Selector 6:09
Justify Text 5:14
CSS Keyframe Animations 5:23
The CSS line-height Property 6:00
Media Queries 6:14
nth-child and nth-of-type Pseudo Class 6:35
The CSS Opacity Property 3:51
CSS Pseudo Elements 5:55
The CSS Quotes Property 4:22
The Required Pseudo Class 4:50
The CSS @supports Rule 6:40
Text and Typography 6:21
Unicode Range and @font-face 5:48
Vertical-alignment in CSS 4:43
The translateX CSS Property 4:23
Widows and Orphans 4:40
The rotateY CSS Transform 6:23
The z-index CSS Property 7:55

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