Better WordPress Development

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  • Last Updated Dec 2017
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About the book

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS in the world, packed with features and functionality. If you develop sites using WordPress, you’ll know that under the hood it’s quite complex, but very powerful.

This short selection of tutorials, hand-picked from SitePoint’s SitePoint’s WordPress channel, will help you develop and maintain better WordPress sites that are faster and more secure. It contains:

  1. Your Regular WordPress Maintenance Checklist by Adrian Try
  2. How to Use Ajax in WordPress by Sayed Rahman
  3. Using Font Awesome with WordPress by Simon Codrington
  4. How to Optimize Your WordPress Site’s Performance by Adrian Try
  5. Develop WordPress Themes Faster with Gulp by Craig Buckler
  6. 10 Easy WordPress Security Tips by Craig Buckler
  7. Understanding WordPress Pages and the Pages API by Jérémy Heleine
  8. 5 Time-Saving Uses for WP-CLI Automation by Jeff Smith

This book is suitable for intermediate WordPress devlopers.

  • Last Updated Dec 2017
  • 86 Total Pages
  • 3665 Happy Readers