PHP Conference UK – 10th Feb 2006

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In London in February? Check out the PHP Conference UK 2006, taking place at the Keyworth Centre right next to Waterloo station and Southbank University.

Organisation is thanks to Marcus and members of the PHP London User Group. The price (**cough** unlike most conferences **cough**) is something you can actually afford – 50.00 GBP [~ $90] if you register early – which you’ll need to as there’s only so much space at the venue.

It’s a one day event and the speakers are Derick Rethans, Pavel Kovsloski, Christopher
, Matt Zandstra (author of PHP 5 Objects, Patterns, and Practice) and, err.., well me in fact.

Help needed…

Here’s an inside track – so far I’ve been stressing Marcus by failing to deliver a talk summary on time (sorry Marcus). Part of the delay has been fatherhood for the second time (it’s a boy). The other part of the problem is I’m still in two minds about which talk to give and need some help deciding.

The talk I was thinking of doing would have a title something like “Parsing with PHP”; some basic theory, difference parsing strategies that have worked in PHP and reference to stuff like the Dokuwiki parser. Have a problem though: as a subject it may be “worthy” but it’s teetering between interesting at best and dull at worst. At least that’s how I see it.

The other talk, which Marcus tells me there’s a demand for (at least amongst PHP London members) would be something about AJAX and whatever happened with JPSpan. Now while that’s an altogether hotter subject, there’s a very good chance anything I say about it will be tending towards “AJAX sux”, which is not very Web 2.0 / hyper-enthusiast is it? Of course it could get pretty entertaining, depending on your point of view…

So – which one? Need to decide quick as Marcus needs a summary from me quickly.

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