By Craig Buckler

What’s New in Opera 11.50

By Craig Buckler

Speaking as a developer, Opera’s version numbering seems sensible. Unlike Chrome and Firefox’s rapid updates or IE’s ridiculously sedate pace, Opera normally release a new browser once or twice a year. The version number is incremented when it’s right to do so.

Opera 11.50 is out now and it’s brimming with lovely new features. Come on Opera — as the last bastion of logical updates, it should have been version 12! The most obvious change is the redesigned interface:

Opera 11.5

The differences are subtle, but 11.5 sports a lighter, sleeker and cleaner look. It’s easier to concentrate on web page content and Opera claim it’s faster. I like it.

Speed Dial Extensions

Perhaps the biggest change is speed dial extensions. Rather than simply providing quick access to favorite sites, extensions can add dynamic information to the Speed Dial page. Essentially, it’s a personal home page or set of desktop widgets on the start-up screen. A few extensions will be available today including Read It Later, Webdoc and StockTwits.

To help you manage your favorites and extensions, a new flow feature provides an unlimited number dials. Sizes are automatically adjusted for your screen or you can specify your own zoom level.

Password Synchronization

Password sync has finally arrived in Opera Link. The browser implements strong security so passwords are encrypted on the client using your Opera account password and a randomly generated key. No password is ever stored or transmitted as plain text, so that should reassure those affected by the recent high-profile security breaches experienced by Sony, Nintendo, the CIA and other organizations.

For more information, see Security of synchronized passwords with Opera Link.

Under the Hood

The developers have fixed thousands of bugs and upgraded the rendering engine. It should result in a 10-15% speed improvement for CSS and SVG rendering.

The browser has always been on the cutting edge of HTML5 and it now supports Session History and Navigation, the W3C File API, classlist and the <time> element.

Finally, if you’re a Dragonfly fan, you’ll be pleased to hear that version 1.1 will be available shortly (please, please, please can we have CSS line numbers and links!)

Opera 11.5 builds on what was already a great browser. If you don’t have it installed, head over to and become one of the many thousands featured on their live download counter.

What do you think of Opera 11.5?

  • Craig Buckler

    If Opera’s home page counter is accurate, they’ve just passed 180,000 downloads in the first hour since release. Impressive.

    • They’ve already crossed a 2.1M mark in less than 10 hours. According Opera stats, they have about 50 Million users, so it should not be too much of a surprise. I’m one of them.

      Also, being a development snapshot tester, I always have to take time to actually read all the change logs again when a new browser is released, because I usually run the very latest release that it is hard to tell what is now and what is not.

      But I certainly love the new release.

  • I think Avant browser works as well as opera browser and i hope opera will add restore function in their options .that’s all

    • Craig Buckler

      Avant is an Internet Explorer skin with a few bells and whistles. As far as I’m aware, it’s not compatible with IE9 either.

      Opera still has more features, though. Email, torrents, and a more advanced HTML5 rendering engine for example.

    • Craig Buckler

      Avant is an Internet Explorer skin with a few bells and whistles. As far as I’m aware, it’s not compatible with IE9 either.

      Opera still has more features, though. Email, torrents, and a more advanced HTML5 rendering engine for example.

  • Mr Lelong

    actually, how do those browser makers make money?

    • kristof polleunis

      Opera has deals with mobile phone makers and on the web they include links to Amazon, Ebay and so on which includes their affiliate id. So anytime someone makes a purchase they get a cut of the deal. And Bing is the search-engine, they pay for the traffic Opera sends their way. So it’s not charity.

  • kristof polleunis

    Still no way to export the passwords to use in other browsers or to save locally.

    • Craig Buckler

      I suspect that’s a security feature. None of the other browsers have that facility, do they?

      • You’re right that it’s a security feature.

        Firefox and Chrome saves passwords save passwords unencrypted so that anyone can see your passwords.

  • Yeah, it’s better and better :)

  • It looks more professional

  • According to the changelog “Support is added to provide the original source line for CSS rules, benefiting future versions of Opera Dragonfly.” So, maybe this upcoming Dragonfly release, but certainly the one after.

    As for how I like it…well, so far, so good. I haven’t played around too much. Although the Speed Dial extensions is awesome, especially the fact that they’re shared across installs via Link. I didn’t think it would be that great, but some of the extensions could be useful.

  • Ümit Haz

    I prefer to use Mozilla Firefox.Opera Web Browser has same interface with Firefox.I can use it in the future.

  • Vladimir Maglakelidze

    Love this browser! It’s getting better with each release!
    One minor discomfort though (just for me)…. eats too much memory. what do you think? Will opera do something about it?

  • Having just installed the 11.5 update, it pinned itself to the W7 taskbar (without asking me), and made itself the default browser (without asking me). Have they really resorted to tactics this dirty in order to try and get people to use it? Terrible.

  • It looks more professional. how do those browser makers make money?

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