Nice to meet you!

    Corrie Haffly

    I am excited to be part of the SitePoint community and to have this chance to blog regularly about things that I enjoy doing! I have a feeling that while I’m sharing what I know about design theory and practice, I’ll be learning even more as I research and address questions that you bring up… so I look forward to all of your comments and questions!

    Since I’m just starting off, here’s a little bit about me:

    • I like bullet lists.
    • Non-computer interests include reading, cooking, eating, playing music, and training for my first triathlon.
    • My graphic design career started off when my older sister “hired” me one summer to help her design technical manuals. I got to align vector points in Illustrator. Woo-hoo. (This was back in the day when PageMaker was still under Aldus.)
    • Since then, I’ve learned a lot more about Illustrator, Photoshop, and the like, in the practical arena of web development and design. Look for more specific how-to tutorials in the coming months. (I started off with a basic-to-intermediate tutorial on using layer masks in Photoshop.)
    • Having learned HTML before I encountered ImageReady’s slice-and-serve HTML generator, I fall on the “follow the specs and do things right” end of the web development spectrum, so you’ll find comments and articles about design theory that lean towards usability and overlap with accessibility.
    • Finally, I like helping people learn new things. And I like learning new things. So this blog is the beginning to a beautiful relationship!

    Now is the time when I shamelessly solicit feedback, inquiries, and comments. What kind of articles, blogs, research, etc., are you looking for in this area? What design issues or Photoshop tips/tricks are you hoping to learn more about? What’s something cool that you’ve seen somewhere else that you want to learn how to do? Post a comment!