By Corrie Haffly

Nice to meet you!

By Corrie Haffly

I am excited to be part of the SitePoint community and to have this chance to blog regularly about things that I enjoy doing! I have a feeling that while I’m sharing what I know about design theory and practice, I’ll be learning even more as I research and address questions that you bring up… so I look forward to all of your comments and questions!

Since I’m just starting off, here’s a little bit about me:

  • I like bullet lists.
  • Non-computer interests include reading, cooking, eating, playing music, and training for my first triathlon.
  • My graphic design career started off when my older sister “hired” me one summer to help her design technical manuals. I got to align vector points in Illustrator. Woo-hoo. (This was back in the day when PageMaker was still under Aldus.)
  • Since then, I’ve learned a lot more about Illustrator, Photoshop, and the like, in the practical arena of web development and design. Look for more specific how-to tutorials in the coming months. (I started off with a basic-to-intermediate tutorial on using layer masks in Photoshop.)
  • Having learned HTML before I encountered ImageReady’s slice-and-serve HTML generator, I fall on the “follow the specs and do things right” end of the web development spectrum, so you’ll find comments and articles about design theory that lean towards usability and overlap with accessibility.
  • Finally, I like helping people learn new things. And I like learning new things. So this blog is the beginning to a beautiful relationship!

Now is the time when I shamelessly solicit feedback, inquiries, and comments. What kind of articles, blogs, research, etc., are you looking for in this area? What design issues or Photoshop tips/tricks are you hoping to learn more about? What’s something cool that you’ve seen somewhere else that you want to learn how to do? Post a comment!

  • Nice to meet you too ….

  • Ubuu


  • dfraize

    I just wanted to say hello and welcome. I would also like to get you opinion on designing and how CSS influences your designs?

  • Welcome and nice to meet you.
    Think I will bookmark your blog.

  • It will be interesting, I hope. Can’t wait your next post :)

  • Welcome to sitepoint :)

    Design & Theory huh ? We definitely need more of that, bring it on ;)

  • Dangermouse

    Hey :)

  • Howdy Corrie,

    Good to see you at Sitepoint. I’m intested in layout techniques. It’s something that’s not talked about too much it seems. has to display alot of information in a limited amount of space. How do you decide the best layout techniques to get so much on a page, without feeling crowded?

  • “design theory that lean towards usability and overlap with accessibility.”

    May I start with a simple query: What are your best tips for integrating design theory, usability and accessibility when it comes to graphic based navigation; including menus and image maps, colour combinations and so on?

  • marcoBR

    Welcome and Success!

  • Welcome to Sitepoint!

    You asked for it, so I will shamelessly say that I hope to see tutorials and blog entries on these subjects (among others):

    – The basics of typography
    – Some theory behind good graphical user interfaces
    – I’m working with some game development and want to build some terrain tiles for a strategic map overview. Some suggestions on how to make grasslands, plains, tundra, marches, forest types, desert, mountains, hills etc, and transitions between these types of terrain, would be very useful. Thats just coming from my self-centered point of view! ;)

  • Hey! Glad to see Sitepoint is paying a bit more attention to designers.

    I would really like to see more information on print work. I’ve read and wrote numerous tutorials on designing for the web and other misc things, but there really isn’t alot of helpful information that I’ve found for someone instersted in print design. DPI, Color Profiles, Sizes, Color Theory and all that jazz.

    Best of luck with the blog!

  • Welcome. Always good to have Design input.


  • ktraeger

    I’ve learned all my web development knowledge by practice. I’ve taken classes in various programming languages as a CompE major in college, but I’ve never taken an art class or anything even remotely resembling a design class. So while I can code until my fingers wither and fall off, I definitely feel challenged when it comes to what I call the “design factor.” I know you’ve got a lot of true designers here, but would you mind writing a bit for those of us who will be using your blog as a first class in design?


  • Welcome, Corrie! Just wanted to request that you pay attention to how things will look on Safari/Mac as well as on IE/Windows. I do my development on Mac and check it in IE and Safari, but only check the IE/Windows look at the end as it requires firing up Virtual PC. I’m looking forward to your posts!

  • Welcome, Corrie! Just wanted to request that you pay attention to how things will look on Safari/Mac as well as on IE/Windows. I do my development on Mac and check it in IE and Safari, but only check the IE/Windows look at the end as it requires firing up Virtual PC. I’m looking forward to your posts!

  • Welcome Corrie!!

    A few weeks ago I emailed sitepoint about the lack of up-to-date content about design principles. They told me something good was on the way… and here you are!! You’ll be very bussy ;-)

    One topic I find very useful is web design trends. Something like IN’s and OUT’s regarding web elements…

    “…flat soft colors are in, like this one…”

    “…3d buttons are out, don’t do this…”

    “…backgrounds like this are becoming more popular than this other…”

    Stuff like that.


  • Gary Willison

    Possibly a tutorial on real life work flow in website design. How to collect content and create multiple sites with similar content yet to have different ‘look and feel’ for each site. has the right idea with regard to design of similar/same content. A tutorial to bridge the gap of developer and designer…and what we’d need to do to work/play well together.

  • pfitz

    A design guru ! Fantastic :)

    A request from me – pretty basic stuff like Glass buttons effects – how to nail them in Fireworks? And bring the usability tips :)

  • jppp

    Welcome Corrie!

    I would like tutorials on some special effects and tricks and also on real life work on web design.

    Looking forward to your posts..

  • Hi Corrie and welcome!
    I agree with all the requests previously posted, and would also like to see tips on how to incorporate some of the design elements popular today in a way that looks both professional and modern, but doesn’t dramatically increase download time. My studies show a solid 48% of my site visitors are still on dial-up internet access so I am contantly aware of page-load speed. I’m looking forward to your future posts!
    Warm regards,

  • Mayo

    Photoshop have so many functions and I have so little time. I wan

  • jdt

    welcome, and i too am looking forward to reading your articles. as a topic suggestion, how about tips for coming up with color and layout schemes for a new site? thanks

  • PSee

    Pagemaker isn’t by Aldus anymore?


  • Anonymous


    Here’s a couple things that I am wondering about in the way of PhotoShop:

    An easy way to make oulines around text without using Layer Style functions. More specifically, a way to type text put an outline around the text and then delete the text so only the outlines remain…

    Secondly, how to (Photoshop or otherwise) make quality drawings using vector lines with smooth results (with a mouse as a drawing tool). This has been a problem because though I can draw quite well drawing with a mouse hurts the results. Plus I don’t want sketch marks – just clean vector lines and solid colors. Here is an example of an image I might like to be able to create: image from


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