By Kevin Yank

News Wire: Developers Don’t Design?

By Kevin Yank
  • Wicked-cool color theme creation tool from Adobe Labs. Generate themes using different color combination algorithms, rate themes that other users have shared, and download any theme you like for use in Adobe Creative Suite 2 applications.
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  • This entry in the 24 ways series provides a fantastic example of why using a table to lay out a form—even when it has a tabular structure—is not a good idea. Screen readers don’t process tables and forms at once, and so your form isn’t accessible!
  • More than 300 pages and a free download (but possibly not for much longer), this late draft version of the new book, “Algorithms” by Sanjoy Dasgupta, Christos Papadimitriou, and Umesh Vazirani contains a wealth of information on programming algorithms.
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  • A very nice run-down of the changes that have been made in JUnit 4. If you’re familiar with test-driven development and Java, this article may be all you need to get started with unit testing in Java.
  • Google Checkout will continue to waive its 2% + $0.20 fee on credit card transactions (which is already cheaper than PayPal) through the end of 2007. While the business benefits are obvious, some are also trying to earn credit card reward points for free.
  • Ah, the sweet, sweet taste of unsupported media type. Yet another funny translation of HTTP response codes. (thanks andrewk)
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  • Microsoft will not be making Expression Web (its Dreamweaver competitor) available as part of its MSDN subscription program. According to Robert McLaws, this decision is based on the false assumption that developers don’t do web design.
  • Could the future of ColdFusion be in making it the best platform for building kick-ass user interfaces quickly and easily? It sure beats turning it into another general-purpose language.
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  • The popular toolkit for building AJAX functionality into Java web applications is nearing a new major release. The enhancements are pretty advanced stuff, which speaks to the maturity of this library.

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  • Mike

    Boring… *yawn*

  • RE: Showing Good Form — what are the visually impaired doing to help web designers? It seems JAWS (the example used in the article) could come part of the way to making the web more accessible. Seems web designers have to do all the jumping through hoops.

  • @cranial-bore: I would agree that the state of screen reader technology is far from ideal, but I’m not sure what blaming visually impaired users for this will accomplish.

  • The dig at the visually impaired was tongue in cheek…my response to the mental image I have of web designers everywhere crippled with analysis paralysis over how to accomplish what in the past would have been a simple task.

  • The article about Coldfusion (A New Vision for ColdFusion) is VERY well written and extremely intriguing. I’ve been a CF programmer for the past 5 years and I hate hearing people say “coldfusion sucks” or “it’s not secure” or “XXXXX language is faster/better/stronger”.

    It’s simply not true, but it’s hard to change their minds, just like it’s hard for them to change my mind. This article comes at the argument from a totally different perspective and it’s effective.

  • @creole: Agreed! Excellent article and good food for thought. I had a client comment to me the other day that I was extremely fast in responding to and fixing problems in a system. I told him that our choice of development platforms was the key to getting things done quickly and therefore inexpensively… I’m sure he appreciates the money he saves.

  • krdr

    Will they stop with developers does not design! Gash,… I tought that everyone knows about demo scene in mid 80ies

  • Try getting “kuler” to work if you use Firefox. Goto their website you linked to above and you get this message:

    “this content requires adobe flash player 9. would you like to install it now?”

    So you answer “yes” and guess what happens? The stupid software pops up a “installing adobe flash plauer” dialogue which says:

    “the following applications are using files that need tp be updated by the setup. close these applications and retyr to continue: firefox (all versions)”

    I think I’ll just stick to something that actually works: colorblender.

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