By Jennifer Farley

New Logo Design For Dr Who

By Jennifer Farley

The BBC has unveiled the new logo for its long running science fiction show Doctor Who. The show is pretty much an institution in this part of the world and the new series has a new writer and producer, a new Doctor and as mentioned a new logo. The new design was created by Red Bee Media.The logo features the letters D and W molded together to form the shape of the Tardis with a futuristic flashing police light on top. The type and the tardis have a strong metallic feel in blue and dark purple tones.  Like the very best logos, it’s simple, it’s relevant and it’s aesthetically pleasing.  Personally, I love it.DrWhoNewLogoAccording to Red Bee Media, the new identity aims to align the Doctor’s brand with blockbuster sci-fi and super hero film emblems, such as Superman, Star Trek and Batman, which are universally recognized.The design uses the same base color as the original designs from the 1950s and “explores light and dimension to depict the adventure and mystery that is synonymous with the alien time-travelling Doctor”.Steven Moffat, the new Lead Writer and Executive Producer, said:

The 11th logo for the 11th Doctor – those grand old words, Doctor Who, suddenly looking newer than ever. And, look at that, something really new – an insignia! DW in TARDIS form! Simple and beautiful, and most important of all, a completely irresistible doodle. I apologise to school notebooks everywhere, because in 2010 that’s what they’re going to be wearing.

I have to admit the last time I watched the programme was when Tom Baker was Doctor Who, which was probably around 1980-ish. Eek! The logo in those days looked like this;DrWho73-80The new logo is the eleventh Dr Who logo in the 47 years the show has been running. Below you can see some of the previous iterations of the logo, beginning at the top left with the orange/gold logo which has just been replaced.

PreviousLogo McCoy
BakerT McGann

What do you think of the New Logo? Is it a good change or should the old one have been left alone?

  • I

    New one is nice. Clean, tidy and have some freshness. Also it is looking similar to DWs travel machine (as far as I remember it). I like this work, pretty much.

  • lishyguy

    I kind of prefer it without the “Doctor Who” next to it, but then again I know the brand. It makes sense to have it in.

  • Love it!

  • Brad McCall

    Great update to the outdated old logo. I love how they used the blue-box as a primary icon and created a font to go along with it. Best one yet!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not looking forward to seeing the opening credits. I can’t imagine a typographic logo working well.
    But seriously, why would the BBC want to align Doctor Who with sci-fi and superhero films? It only degrades the brand. The Doctor was never a superhero, and Doctor Who isn’t the same kind of sci-fi as sci-fi films are.
    I hate the hard edges on the new logo. Doctor Who has never been this metallic monstosity that the letters convey. It’s always been very organic—the Tardis is alive, the Doctor is over-alive, the Daleks are alive, the Cybermen are pretty alive. Every sentient being in the recent series of Doctor Who has had some organic element to it. The biggest exception to this is the clockwork robots from the Girl in the Fireplace.
    Steven Moffat has been the best writer of the past four years, but if he had anything to do with this change I’ll fume quietly to myself.

  • Ketira

    As logos go, it’s great! Simple, stylish… I can see this popping up around the US on T-shirts, mugs –not to mention fan websites. ;)

    …and it’s nice to know that the writer is about as old as I am; that’s when I started watching the show too! I’m not as fanatic as I was then, but I’ve found other hobbies to occupy my spare time.

  • My220x

    The new logo looks great and I love how the DW forms the shape of the tardis. It’s very modern looking and I’m glad it’s finally been brought up to date.

  • Doctor Who Fan

    By my count, it’s the ninth logo.

    There was one used for the 1st Doctor, then a different for the 2nd, then a new one for the 3rd, then the diamond logo was used for the 3rd & 4th Doctors, then the neon logo introduced with the 4th Doctor’s final season and used through the 5th & 6th Doctors’ eras, then a new one was made for the 7th Doctor. The TV movie with the 8th Doctor had a reworked version of the 3rd Doctor’s (but we’ll count it as new) then the “London taxi” logo used for the 9th & 10th Doctors…

    I wonder where they’re getting eleventh from.

  • It’s visually pleasing but I’m not totally sold on the concept of the letters ‘DW’ meaning Dr Who for a few reasons.

    1). I think because ‘W’ in ‘Who’ is silent, I don’t necessarily think of it as a ‘D’ word followed by a ‘W’ word. I had to stop and think “Oh yeah,.. it IS a ‘w’, isn’t it?”.

    But maybe that’s just how my mind works?

    2). I know DW doesn’t mean Dreamweaver to *everyone* but it does to a quite a few people and Adobe have been pushing that two-letter periodic table logo template for a while now.

  • Oh, and how bad was that purple one with the red glow??

  • Shadow Caster

    I don’t like any of those logos. Uugh!

  • Quite like it, better than the last one – did’nt realise how many versions there had been before too. I like how it’s in the shape of a police box as well.

  • I sort of like it but it doesn’t really convey the tongue-in-cheekiness of Doctor Who. It isn’t a serious sci-fi series, it is more akin to Red Dwarf than it is to Star Trek. I hope this isn’t a sign that Doctor Who is about to start taking itself too seriously.

  • Oh, and how bad was that purple one with the red glow??
    As bad as the epoch it represented :)

  • jackisback

    hey very good

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