By Kevin Yank

MS Details IE7 CSS Changes

By Kevin Yank

The SitePoint News Wire returns Monday, but I couldn’t wait to post this link.

Microsoft has provided a detailed list of CSS changes in the upcoming Internet Explorer 7 (the release candidate for which is believed to be imminent).

  • WarpNacelle

    Cue the sarcastic applause for Microsoft.

  • Joe

    Meh. Microsoft. So 1990’s. FireFox all the way!

  • meh… firefox… so yesterday. safari all the way!

  • didimo

    goddamn mac fanboys, theyre everywhere!

  • didimo

    hmm i read thru the blo post, its quit an impressive list, nice to know MS are making steps in improoving IE which will make our life easier down the road as IE7 will be a force upgrade for most users

  • Who wants to bet that with all these fixes that new and unique bugs will surface.

  • Actually, I will applaud for Microsoft, unsarcastically.

    This is a great list to see. Would all of us like to see more? Sure. But the list of render bugs fixed is impressive, and there’s some key CSS features I’m stoked about. PNG support, min/max width/height, fixed positioning, :hover for arbitrary elements – these are great!

  • hannson

    I’m glad that IE7 will be an forced auto-update, will probably make our lifes a lot easier.

    What missing features would you like to see implented in IE7?

    I’d like to see more selectors in the CSS parser, more accurately more pseudo-classes, like :before :after (and if not already implented) :first- and :last-child

  • Wolf_22

    I’d like to see the :first and :last child selector issue too. I think that could provide all sorts of advantages. Is there a reason it wasn’t ever done (please refrain from offensives…)?

  • n

    If you look at the list and think about it and then you look back at the old beta before the RC1 which could be release build of horror…

    Come on ppl, its a small step for browser mankind but huge leap for “70% of market share will force of update”.

    That was the best news in a month.

  • Oh man! No way, just FireFox for me.

  • Alpha Heifer

    Critical, but not forced, hannson. And certainly not for anyone pre- XP SP2. There are even still a good many ’98 users still out there. I’m also glad for the upgrade in their urgency, but mass adaptation could still take a while.

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