MP3Count is AllofMP3 All Over Again

By Josh Catone

A few years ago, a Russian site called AllofMP3 electrified servers around the world as people clamored to download DRM-free songs at well below the market rate (generally 20-30 cents as opposed to 89-99 cents each) before the site was shut down. In 2006 the RIAA brough a $1.65 trillion lawsuit against the company, which said it operated in compliance with Russian copyright law. In June 2007, the web site shut its doors after being pressured by the Russian government (a sister-site MP3Sparks, as well an affiliated invite only site called “MemphisMembers,” still survive).

Now, TechCrunch reports that a Ukrainian site with a similar business model of selling DRM-free MP3 music for well below market rate ($0.20 or less per song) has emerged. The site, MP3Count, might not last for a couple of reasons.

One reason, as one of the commenters at TechCrunch points out, is that the Ukraine is part of the World Trade Organization, unlike Russia. That means pressure from the US government and the EU to shut down the site might be more quickly complied with than it was in the case of AllofMP3.

The other reason, as another commenter brings up, is that MP3Count is an exact duplicate of an existing Russian site called MP3Sugar, which has been around since at least 2005. It’s hard to tell if the two sites are related or not — both have completely different domain name registration information — but MP3Count mimics more than just the design. All textual and graphic content, lists of top artists, and even download stats are the same on both sites.

If MP3Count isn’t a sanctioned duplicate of MP3Sugar, it could face trouble on two fronts — from the RIAA and other recording industry groups on one side, and from irate Russian web site owners on the other.

  • Bob Carologees

    What kind of idiot would use these sites anyway?

  • Maxime Rousseau

    Yup, no way I’m giving my credit card number on a shady russian site. I mean, if you want cheap music, there’s TPB, and it’s probably safer.

  • Serg

    Mp3count has Chronopay processing, so trust me, the owners are the same (The same owner who is behind – russian search engine, which suposed to kill google :)

  • allofmp3

    I will use it. Have you heard about Zero-Liability? No worries using a credit cart.

  • daemon45

    Bob Carlogees: I personally did use allofmp3, and mp3sparks. They’re legit as far as their content and not abusing your card details go. The only thing you have to worry about is the site being taken down by the authorities while you’ve still got some cash in your balance… but since mp3sparks is still up and running after these few years, I don’t think even that’s a major problem. Their servers are fast, the quality of the music is good, and they offered to pay the RIAA a portion of their profits before the RIAA tried to sue them, but were refused.

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