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I have previously talked about content management systems in Open Sourcery. However, not many of the systems have gotten me that excited over the years — and I have evaluated dozens of them, both paid and open source.

Recently I have started experimenting with Mambo Server, and the first thing to ramp up my interest was its flawless execution using Safari on OS X. While much of what I do in everyday life revolves around open source, my primary systems are Macs running OS X, as are the systems of many of my peers.

The feature set comes close to matching that of the latest Contribute (version 3) release from Macromedia save for the fact it is browser based, where Contribute can connect over multiple protocols. Mambo’s feature set includes important functions such as:

  • Document management for non-HTML files
  • Media management for multimedia and images
  • Content scheduling to control when items go live and expire
  • A hierarchical user system, allowing for tiers of users with tiers of rights
  • Optional content rating of pages

While the site suggests they are aiming at the small web site operator, there are features that should also attract some larger sites. Banner ad management is straightforward, tools are included to use search engine friendly url’s, and add-ons such as LDAP integration and extended user profiles add value.

Mambo appears to have a strong team of developers, supporters and users — important for those looking to power a commercial site with this CMS. What I like most about Mambo is its avoidance of being another portal solution. Once installed, one can move right to editing or creating their own templates, and get content delivered quickly.

I’d be interested in hearing feedback from those who have tried Mambo or use it in production.

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