Good PHP CMS for multiple users

Hi, I’m looking for a good open source PHP CMS that will allow the following:
• multiple users can register
• each can upload their own content
• each can choose a template for how their content is displayed

Anyone know a powerful CMS that is good for multiple (potentially hundreds, thousands, even) users, each with unique content?

durop phpcms and so on…

Have you looked into Drupal?

You pretty much described something that all modern content management systems and frameworks are capable of.

Thanks for replies. I had a quick look at Drupal. I couldn’t really articulate what the feature would be called that allows, as previously described:
• multiple (maybe thousands) of members who can upload their own content

I’m happy to look at Drupal, but yeah, if anyone has specific suggestions that’ll help inform my investigations…great. What about modx and catoa, how would these compare with Drupal for this application?

Try these for uploading content:

You’ll have to play around to see what type of permissions need to be setup in order to allow members to access these, but that’s the real strength in Drupal, it’s very powerful when it comes to members and permissions. Not all CMS have this ability.

WordPress MU does this. As dopes Drupal, out of the box. Joomla can probably do it to but likely requires third party extension (it’s been a while).

Each has pros and cons. WordPress is a hack, Drupal is overly complicated, especially in interface. Joomla is clunky but has the most accurate MVC implementation of each, IMO.

That being said, each ahs thousands of extensions. Unfortnuately out of those thousands of extensions on a few dozen are usable, secure and worth using. Lots of duplicate/similar projects, sometimes they merge other times they compete. WordPress at it’s core is a blogging engine (date sensitive posts). Drupal is a ‘Content’ creation/management system and Drupal is a component based architecture allowing for greater opportunities.

I am personally a fan of Drupal as I find it expedites my development and get me up and running fastest. WordPress has the easiest interface but the code is clearly a hodge-podge of hacks. Joomla looks like Fisher Price, runs OK at the core but many extensions don’t work on my development server with strict running.WordPress and Joomla have far nicer templates than Drupal and Joomla has something of a commercial extension community which can be nice.