A list of PHP Content Management Systems

Last updated 12:30am on Friday, the 28th of March 2003 (GMT 8+).

Check this out:
I found a great link posted by Peej in Duxtra’s CMS thread. It’s called OpenSourceCMS. Quote from the websites front page:

This site was created with one goal in mind. To give you the opportunity to “try out” some of the best php/mysql based free and open source software systems in the world. You are welcome to be the administrator of any site here, allowing you to decide which system best suits your needs.

I highly recommend you visit this site :tup:

I thought I’d post this list because it is a constant question in this forum.

At the moment this isn’t a very big list, but hopefully people can add to it.

Hotscripts Listings
Hotscripts Listings of ‘Portal Systems’ - Similiar to content management systems
Fresh Meat
Google search

if anyone can refine the Fresh meat and Google search please do so.

Here are some I checked out that look ok:

PHP Nuke Free
Post Nuke Free
Open Effect Free
Uber PHP CMS Free (German)
Fire Site Free
EZ Publish Free (You can pay to recieve it on a cd with documentation etc)
Mira Server Pay: Single site - $179, Multi Site - $799
Site Box Free
Bee Hive Free version and Paid version (didn’t have a price)
Mambo Server Free and Paid versions
Typo3 Free (thanks mjames)
Drupal Free
[Harpia](http://www.amalla.com/harpia/ free) Free
PHP Portal Project Free/Pay (thanks galt)

Recently posted by smartboyinuk (thanks!):

APC ActionApps - http://www.apc.org/actionapps/
Ariadne - http://www.muze.nl/ariadne/
Back-End - http://www.back-end.org
Bitflux - http://www.bitflux.ch/developer/
Bricolage - http://www.bricolage.cc/
C-Arbre - http://realink.org/c-arbre/doc/
CAMPSITE - http://www.campware.org/campsite/
Cocoon - http://xml.apache.org
Cofax - http://www.cofax.org
Coranto - http://coranto.gweilo.org/
DaCode - http://www.dacode.org
DCP-Portal - http://www.dcp-portal.com
Drupal - http://www.drupal.org
Easy Publisher - http://www.easypublisher.com
Edit-X - http://www.edit-x.com/
Geeklog - http://www.geeklog.org
Krysalis - http://www.interakt.ro/products/Krysalis/index.php
Mambo - http://sourceforge.net/projects/mambo/
Mason - http://www.masonhq.com/
mCubes - http://www.mCubes.com/
Metadot - http://www.metadot.net
Midgard - http://www.midgard-project.org/
MMBase - http://www.mmbase.org
MySource - http://mysource.squiz.net/
N/X - http://nxwcms.sourceforge.net/
OpenACS - http://openacs.org/
OpenCMS - http://www.opencms.org
Pagetool - http://www.pagetool.org
phpCMS - http://phpcms.de/homepage/phpcms/index.htm
PHPNuke - http://www.phpnuke.org
PHProjekt - http://www.phprojekt.com/
phpSlash - http://www.phpslash.org
phpWebSite - http://phpwebsite.appstate.edu/
Redhat CCM - http://www.redhat.com/software/ccm/
Scoop - http://scoop.kur5hin.org
Slash - http://www.slashcode.com
Squishdot - http://www.squishdot.org
SSR - http://www.ssrtech.com/
TeaServlet - http://opensource.go.com/
thatware - http://www.atthat.com/
ttCMS - http://www.ttcms.com
Webgenerator-X - http://webgenerator-x.com
WebGUI - http://plainblack.com/webgui
WebMake - http://webmake.taint.org/
WebTop - http://webtop.newfangled.com
Wyona - http://www.wyona.org/
Xinity - http://www.xinity.org/
Xoops - http://xoops.sourceforge.net/
Zope - http://www.zope.org
EZ Contents - http://www.visualshapers.com

SiteWorksPro - http://www.siteworkspro.com/
VirtuaNews - http://www.virtuanews.co.uk/
Thanks Arkham for these two above ^^

Article Manager - http://www.interactivetools.com/products/articlemanager (Recommended)

There may be duplicates on this thread, I’ll weed them out eventually.

Feel free to reply and add more, I’ll update this page with new listings that I find or that are posted by others.

good mate… it will sure help a lot of people …

but uve listed the CMS here. people want to know which one’s the best. so its upto them of what they think…

Basically I went through Hotscripts and chose the ones I thought looked good, so it may be a little biased :slight_smile:

Good idea, Russell. Would be good if you listed them by pay, free, pay for better version, etc. :wink:

Done :slight_smile:

Good idea. Another:

Typo3: http://www.typo3.com

Feel free to add this one to the list

www.phppp.com - PHP Portal System (not sure yet if it will be free or for sale, possibly option 3 (barter or limited release)

Ooooh sorry about that galt, I was going to add yours ages ago. I see it in your sig often enough :slight_smile:

List updated.

Originally posted by RussellG
I see it in your sig often enough :slight_smile:

Come on, I only post 7-8 messages a day here :bouncy:

Actually, your (free/pay) might be the model. Parts of it free, certain extensions could be paid (like maybe the security module). Back to re-architect it for new business model and pick and choose implementation … sigh. :eek2:

You might want to change the comment behind Uber PHP CMS to German, in stead of Dutch.
If that language is Dutch, then I sure as hell am not :p.

Oh dear, I feel quite stupid now. :wacko:

hey guys

if you’re in need of a good CMS, cafelog/b2 is the best and coolest i’ve used so far - it’s nice 'cos it’s extensible, customizable and has a nice set of features…

take a look at dragflick.com to see it in action as a cms, and go to www.cafelog.com for the source/application website…

my 2 cents…


Originally posted by timberwolf
[B]hey guys

if you’re in need of a good CMS, cafelog/b2 is the best and coolest i’ve used so far - it’s nice 'cos it’s extensible, customizable and has a nice set of features…

take a look at dragflick.com to see it in action as a cms, and go to www.cafelog.com for the source/application website…

my 2 cents…

gareth [/B]

I agree, it’s the one that I use also, it is very easy to use and customizable. You can pick what features you want and don’t want to use. With a little tweaking it’s just how you want it.


I use B2 to blog. I wasn’t aware you could build an CMS around it.

Although I’m honored to see b2 mentioned here, I’d like to say it is NOT a CMS.

I coded b2 to be a weblog/journal/news management system, rather than a content MS.
You can achieve basic CMS functionnalities with b2, but being a CMS is not the goal of the b2 project. :slight_smile:

Copied from another post.


I have spent a month researching Content Management Sytems and have come to the conclusion that the German CMS’s available are by far the best for both features and value for money. If you want something more proffesional & polished than the free scripts available and havn’t got serious $$ to spend then (as far as I have seen) they look to be by far the best value for money solutions.

I would like to be proved otherwise but I cannot find a single English based CMS that can come anywhere near matching the products below (If anyone knows of any then please tell!). The nearest thing I have found is ezpublish, but having tested it out, seems rather cumbersome, bloated and slow, and not have as slick as these below.

Anyway I thoought I would share them with you, as I see so many posts ask “what are the best CMS’s around” and no one every gets an answer other than phpnuke, postnuke etc - all off which seem a mile away from the slickness of the systems I have listed below, and (IMO) are only suitable for “hobbysites”.

Anyway although not free all these are less than $200, and I would appreciate your thoughts on what you think of them : - which are the best and for what situations etc etc and hopefully the next time someone ask’s “whats a good CMS” we can give a more helpful answer than try phpnuke.

I like the look of WebEdition - numerous modules, very clean and fast, tag wizards, puglin for editing template direct in numerous editors inc Dreamweaver etc and a lot more.

Please try then out and give your thoughts.

Enjoy !




PS only WebEdition has an English version of their website, but you can translate the site using googles translation feature.

Other systems worth a look




Can we turn this into a ‘Vote’ now that we have a good range of systems ? - this will prove invaluable for users looking for a CMS.

i’m in for the vote - think it’s a good idea, and definitely a good resource for future reference.

what’s next then? - start a new thread, or add vote to this one??


I have posted a poll for this thread HERE . It does however need a moderator to add in some missing CMS’s systems as I can only post a maximum of 10.

If you are looking for a good CMS and need to do some research the this is by far the best website for that information http://www.contentmanager.de . Although it is a CMS researchers dream, it is unfortunately in german, and because of a javascript refreash in there page codes, the translation engine on google etc do not work!:frowning:

If they could make a translated version it would be brilliant! :wink: