Linkalicious Friday: Email APIs, Mobile Debugging, and Flash 10.2 beta

By Louis Simoneau

It’s Friday again (funny how it creeps up on us around this time every week), so here’s a quick roundup of stuff that caught my interest over the past few days:

  • SitePoint author and all-round good guy Earle Castledine (aka Mr. Speaker) has released a rough-around-the-edges but still extremely useful mobile web debugger called WadBug. It gives you a nice JavaScript console, which you can drop into any of your pages, to start inspecting objects and logging statements to; right from the comfort of your mobile browser.
  • Our good friends over at Campaign Monitor have released a major update to their API (version 3.0). If you’ve been thinking about integrating mail delivery or mailing list management into your application, now’s the time to dive in.
  • This one’s actually a few months old, but I just came across it in my list of starred tweets and thought it was worth sharing: Molly Holzschlag’s definition of HTML5 in exactly 140 characters (I believe they call that a “twoosh”).
  • Adobe has released the beta version of Flash 10.2 for Linux, Mac, and Windows. The main focus of the new release seems to be on hardware-accelerated video playback.

Have a good weekend (and don’t forget to keep an eye on the sale)!

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