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5 Ways to Enhance Your Likeability Factor for Increased Success

Alyssa Gregory

It’s hard to ignore the link between how well you are liked and how successful you are. While there is certainly not a definitive correlation (plenty of successful people are not well liked by the masses), it makes sense that if you have what it takes to be successful AND you’re likable, your success could be easier to achieve.

If you’re not already well liked, maybe you want to work on an “unlikeable” reputation, or perhaps you’ve hovering in likable territory but want to really maximize your congeniality as it relates to your business relationships.

Most of us can benefit from making ourselves a little more likable, especially in a working environment where we may be hesitant to pull in an element that reflects so much of who we are as people. So, here are a few ways to boost your likeability, and potentially, boost your success.

Make Yourself Relatable

One key factor of being likable is being relatable. If people can’t relate to you and who you are, it’s very difficult for them to like you. When others relate to you, they feel like they can understand you and they may be more likely to watch what you’re doing and listen closely to what you’re saying. And if they like what you’re doing and saying, your likeability factor can go up.

Be Compassionate

Showing that you can think beyond your own needs and consider the needs of those around you is a valuable trait. It’s hard not to like someone who is genuinely empathetic, caring and understanding.

Listen and Engage

Listening is vital, across the board. It also plays a role in your likeability. We all like to be heard and know that what we’re saying is important to those who are listening. If you listen well and demonstrate that you’re truly engaged by carrying on a mutual conversation, people will look at you favorably.

Stop Gossiping

Gossip is one of those immediate gratification things that can come back to haunt you, especially if it’s negative, manipulative and catty. And if you become known as a gossiper, not only will others be less likely to trust you, but they may not like you very much either.

Give Freely (without Keeping Track)

Information, expertise, assistance…being willing to share what you hold close with no strings attached is an excellent way to boost your likeability. This kind of sharing can also help you become well-respected and admired, and it adds to your likeability factor. Plus, deliberate and quality information sharing is just good karma, and who doesn’t like that?

I just don’t like you…

Despite how likable you think you are, everyone won’t like you. That’s human nature. Your goal shouldn’t be to get everyone to like you; you don’t need everyone to like you to reach success.

Instead, aim to present a clearer picture of who you truly are so others can decide for themselves what your likeability factor is to them. It’s when your likeability factor increases to the people who matter to you that counts. That’s when you just may see a boost to your levels of success.

Read the “The Likeability Factor: How to Boost Your L-Factor and Achieve Your Life’s Dreams” by Tim Sanders for more on likeability.

Image credit: ba1969