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By Amy McGinty

LG’s 34 inches of pixel pleasure

By Amy McGinty

This post was sponsored by LG.

As we all know, a designer’s wish list is forever growing. LG’s new release 34-inch screen just flew to the top of our dream workstation list.

The 34UM95 display offers designers everywhere the opportunity to redefine workflow, be more efficient and accomplish more, all whilst having a shiny new piece of hardware to call your own!

Here’s why it is so great…

It clears your desk

Screen real estate is sparse in a designer’s world. We often find ourselves with multiple displays running, sorting through clutter-filled screens tabbing endlessly to get to the place we need to be.

Most of us get around this obstacle by having a designated use for each of our displays, but the 34UM95 removes the need to tab and swipe, and provides the kind of seamless workspace that has been sought after for years but only ever dreamt of. Dragging and dropping has never been so easy.

It’s easy to integrate into your current workspace

The 34UM95 is not only striking in appearance, powerful in capabilities, it’s smart too. A brilliant advance connects directly into the Mac Pro via Thunderbolt, making this an ideal substitute for Apple users – no additional cables or plug-in’s required.

Bells and whistles that look like unicorns

Color consistency is a frustration that plagues us all. Moving between monitors, color fidelity isn’t reliable. Even with the correct calibration, it’s not always the same. The 34UM95 supports 99% of the RGB space meaning you have a consistent color library across the board no matter what you are working on.

The display sports a 21:9 inch ratio and boasts an amazing 3440×1440 pixel resolution, which some developers might see as another res to build to, but the capability of this machine gives you more room for toolbars, the power to have multiple programs running simultaneously, and simplifies code debugging code at the same time.

And of course the hook

No matter your discipline in the field, this product has been developed with one purpose in mind; it’s been designed for you, (feeling special yet?) a professional product for professionals.

I encourage you all to check it out and see the powerful capabilities this new display offers.

We want.

  • M S

    Wow, you had me fooled for a second there.
    I almost thought it was a new 4K-screen.

    With cheap 4K screens around the corner, who in their right mind would buy this?

    One 4K-screen replacing two 30″ 2560*1600, gives you 102,400 extra pixels.
    But one 34UM95 instead gives you 3,238,400 LESS.

    • Mike Bendel

      For most people 4K resolution will look too tiny to be usable on a 30″. Unless you up the DPI settings, in which case, the usable space can end up being similar to a UM95. Windows doesn’t handle DPI scaling well right now either, so you’ll have to deal with blurry icons and fonts. And it won’t be a fixed for a long time, probably not until 4K has gone fully mainstream. Unlike Apple, Microsoft hasn’t made a push for developers to build their apps with “retina” displays in mind.

      The 21:9 aspect ratio of the UM95 is also very immersive for games.

      • M S

        You probably wouldn’t replace two 30″ with one 30″, more like a 40-50″.

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