By Matthew Magain

Learn JavaScript From The Master At Web Directions South

By Matthew Magain

Whilst we might live on an island that is seemingly isolated from the rest of the world, thanks to the power of the Web, Australian web designers and web developers are anything but disconnected from their industry peers.

In fact, one of the biggest conferences for web professionals in the world is actually the one held in Sydney each year, Web Directions South. Team SitePoint has been regular attendees, supporters and media partners of this conference series since Day One. The conference is on again this year, running from September 25-26 (with two days of optional workshops on the 23rd and 24th).

The SitePoint Show

This year’s conference will be a big one for SitePoint in particular, as we have a huge number of bloggers, book authors and employees running sessions and giving presentations:

The International Superstars

Of course, in addition to all this SitePoint talent, the lineup for big-name international presenters is also impressive. In fact, more so than any other year, in my opinion:

  • Douglas Crockford, the world’s foremost authority on JavaScript, who is not only presenting on the the “good parts” of JavaScript, is delivering a full-day workshop on the topic.
  • Jeffrey Veen, possibly the most charismatic person I’ve ever seen present (and definitely the tallest person I’ve seen present)
  • Jeff Croft, typography, Django and CSS guru

Discount For SitePoint Readers

If you’re thinking of attending then you might want to hurry: Early Bird pricing (save $200 off the regular ticket price) ends this Friday, July 19.

Luckily for SitePoint readers, you can save an additional $55 off that by quoting the code WDS-SP when you purchase your ticket. That brings the ticket price down to $795 — but only if you purchase on or before July 18.

It really is shaping up to be one of the best web conferences to date, and SitePoint are proud to have such strong representation. See the full list of speakers, and register to attend before this Friday to take advantage of the Early Bird discount!

  • Douglas Crockford!? Damn! If I wasn’t saving for Japan I know where I’d be right now… Wonder if we’ll get a webinar of this… (though he does have a lot of videos on Yahoo Dev Theater). Well, at least hook me up with some good photos for the Crier ;)

  • Hi Chris.

    Not sure about video, but the Web Directions guys have always been exceptionally diligent at podcasting all of their sessions, and making slides available too. There is a stack of valuable resources online from past conferences that is definitely worth checking out when you have a free 11 hours or so :-)

  • Kevin

    Under “International Superstars” don’t forget Derek Featherstone. To those of us who are concerned about accessibility, he certainly fits the bill.

    While this year’s lineup of speakers is impressive, I don’t think it beats the ’05 lineup of: Doug Bowman, Eric Meyer, Kelly Goto, Jeff Veen, Tantek Celik, Molly Holzschlag, Derek Featherstone, and Jeff Zeldman (via video) – not to mention the strong Aussie contingent…

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