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It’s Flash, Jim, but Not As You Know It!

    Rachael Wilson

    Adobe Flash Platform
    If you guys missed Part I of Andrew Muller’s Flash Catalyst tutorial last week, then you should definitely do so now as we just set Part II live. Flash Catalyst is a new tool from Adobe for creating Rich Internet Applications, and it is definitely worth checking out—whether you’re a designer or a developer.

    If you haven’t heard of Flash Catalyst, the tool is the result of the Adobe team’s efforts to improve the process of moving from a mocked up design (in Illustrator or Photoshop) to a final, working product (in Flash or Flex). The thing is, it does a really good job of it—so much so that it may even spell the end of those constant feuds between designers and developers. Peace and harmony in the world of web development may at last be achievable!

    Well, maybe that’s stretching things a bit. But anyway, you can learn all about it in our latest two-part series, Flash Catalyst: Mockup to Masterpiece (Part I and Part II). And as a bonus, both tutorials even come with a short quiz to test how well you paid attention.

    Check them out!