By Jennifer Sheahan

Introducing the new SitePoint Market … Think “Craigslist” for Web Developers

By Jennifer Sheahan

Introducing SitePoint Market–The Web Developer’s Marketplace

We decided it was time to change the old SitePoint Marketplace, and have invested considerable effort over the past few months creating the SitePoint Market with one aim in mind—to help you find more customers and grow your business.

SitePoint Market is an exciting new marketplace for web developers and web designers to find more work, outsource web projects, and buy and sell web products.

With our fresh new look comes a renewed focus on growing the SitePoint Market into the leading marketplace that connects and grows web businesses across the globe.

SitePoint Market

  • Buy, sell, trade – find anything from scripts to WordPress themes, or even trade your skill in our free Skills Exchange.
  • Get help – outsource projects–from SEM to back-end development–to the world’s leading web professionals.
  • Find more work – list your service, find new clients, and earn more.

We’re kicking in to kick start your business

To celebrate the launch of the SitePoint MarketThe Web Developer’s Marketplace–we’re kicking in US$50 worth of credits for all users who list. Be quick though–the bonus US$50 is only available for 7 days (closes midnight on the 7th of March 2011).

Thank you for your ongoing support.

We look forward to delivering even more value to your business with the SitePoint Market.

Visit the new SitePoint Market now at http://www.SitePointMarket.com

  • Faisal Alim

    Thanks a lot… will check it out!!!

  • netnerd85

    The functionality is no different? and the design is… boring with ads absolutely every where (shame, shame, shame). Sorry I cant think of anything good about the new marketplace.

  • WEBhosty

    Not Bad,

    Positive: clean, simple, easy to use search, particularly like a quick search on front page which is different from the old marketplace.

    Negative: will be better when there’s more listings.

    As someone who lists ads don’t bother me as long as i’m getting leads.

  • Alex

    This is kick awesome!

  • ichi

    How do I redeem the 50 points?

    • SitePoint Market

      Hi Ichi,

      Once you have posted a listing your account will be credited US$50 of credits.

      If you have any problems please drop us a line at http://sitepointmarket.com/contact


  • LuckySMack

    Looks more like a themed forum. Looks ok but to be honest I think there are probably better ones out there. Not to knock SP as I love the site. But it just looks like a themed forum.

  • Robbo

    I’d expect better since this is SP. Although this site isn’t anything special either. Far too busy. And the forums are just… ewww. If I was to have ads like on this site on any of mine I would want to be making a lot of money from them.

    And then I see bugs on this site. Like now the search field to the right of the main navigation goes over ‘Help’ a little. You blog about how people should keep their sites working on all browsers and operating systems. I’m on Ubuntu, viewing it in Opera. Oh my bad, I forgot that you guys ignore Opera, apart from the odd blog from Craig.

    • Re: Opera
      I don’t think SP ignores Opera. I’ve written some Opera-specific posts (as well as ones for all other browsers) but, in most cases, articles and example code will apply equally to all browsers.

      Note that Opera on Windows does not exhibit the search box problem. I therefore suspect the substitution font used on your Ubuntu box is slightly wider than Tahoma/Arial. I’m not excusing the problem, but issues such as that are a little difficult to spot on all OS/browser/font combinations.

      You can install MS fonts on Ubuntu using:
      sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer

      • Robbo

        Yeah I figured that was the problem. I have had it myself. I’m just surprised it hasn’t been spotted… well more that no one that works on SP uses linux. Unless they are using a ‘pro’ distro instead of my noob one :p

      • I use Ubuntu — as a secondary PC. However, I have the Ubuntu restricted extras installed which includes the MS fonts, Flash, Java, DVD codecs etc:

        sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

      • Robbo

        What you have given is already up to date. It doesn’t happen in other browsers. I don’t really care, I was just in a bad mood.

        And if anyone does care then you now know about it.

      • Adam

        Craig – we should not be requiring users to install non-free software – including fonts! Having said that, if Robbo is using Opera, that’s non-free software not in the repos anyway so he probably won’t mind at all.

        I’m using Firefox 4.0 beta *without* those non-free fonts, and the page looks fine to me. Everything also renders reasonably well in links.

  • Robbo
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