Things to Do With Firefox 1.5

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Firefox 1.5 is here, and available for all to download and use.

Many of you no doubt have tried out the Beta and Release Candidate builds. Here’s a list of things to do and see with Firefox 1.5.

  • Use the back and forward buttons to see the dramatic increase in rendering speed resulting from Firefox’s new “fastback” cache.
  • If you installed one of the Beta or Release Candidate versions, you could wait until Firefox updates itself using its new incremental update system.
  • When tabbed browsing, grab the tabs with your mouse and drag them to the order you want.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete to bring up the “Clear Private Data” window to clear private data such as history, cache and cookies.
  • Go to to check out the new, non-obtrusive error messages.
  • Check out “Help > Report Broken Website” to see how easy it is to report a Website that doesn’t work in Firefox.
  • Install Firefox on your Mac and see how easy it is to migrate your profile information from Safari.

If you’re still itching to get involved with Firefox, you could consider the following:

Firefox 1.5 is available now for your language and operating system.

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