By Jennifer Farley

Expedia Unveils New Logo

By Jennifer Farley

expedia-logo-new A new year and a new look for Expedia is revealed. The travel web site has unveiled a somewhat less playful logo than the one they’ve been sporting for the past ten years. The bright bubblegum yellow and blue colors of the old logo have been replaced with a more sombre dark blue palette. The airplane symbol is still there but in a more sophisticated stylised shape. The new logo also comes with the tagline, “Where You Book Matters.” set in a somewhat mechanical “handwritten” typeface.


New Expedia Logo With Tagline

Expedia was born in 1999 as a division of Microsoft. It was later bought by Ticketmaster and in 2005 Expedia went out on their own.  Throughout its lifetime the logo consisted of a blue bubble with a little yellow cartoon airplane flying around it. Initially the logo included “.com” but this was eventually dropped as Expedia expanded around the globe with multiple sites.


Old Logo With Cartoon Style Symbol

Paul Leonard, VP of brand marketing at Expedia says of the logo;

As before, an airplane and circular blue “globe” make up the new logo. But the plane is white, not yellow, and the whole look and feel is “less cartoonish,”.  We were striving for a more timeless and classic aesthetic, It’s a little less whimsical and more sophisticated.

Quote from the Seattle Times.

The new logo is part of a larger re-brand with television advertising by Martin Agency. Personally I like the new logo. I’ve seen commentary about it being boring and maybe they are losing something by getting rid of the cartoon style, but I think it looks quite elegant. I’m not sure I fully understand the new tagline but that’s another story.

What do you think of the new logo? Is the new sophisticated look an improvement or has character been lost?

  • Ricardo Machado

    I think that the logo should say:

    where YOUR book matters and not YOU… doesn’t it?

  • Brian

    I call this gradient orb logo club. Xerox Cnet,etc…

  • jamEs

    I think the part I don’t like about it is how if you made a couple styling tweaks it could easily be the Xbox 360 logo.

  • Carlo

    I don’t think that the new one is elegant. Sound “cheaper”, less professional and anonymous to me. The sphere is nothing sophisticated with that gradation. The old one was original and stood out everywhere you place it, the newer will never get noticed in an advertisement or web page.

  • NateL

    @ Ricardo Machado…

    Think about it in this context:

    Where you book your flight matters.

    Their context is correct

  • Anonymous

    @Ricardo – Try reading it like this:

    “Where you book (your flight) matters”

  • I think that the logo should say:

    where YOUR book matters and not YOU… doesn’t it?

    No, it’s correct as it is. They’re not in the business of selling books, they’re in the business of making bookings (the verb of which is ‘to book’).

  • AndrewCooper

    I personally like it and prefer it in comparison to the old logo. It’s definately much more sophisticated and makes the company look more professional which I think will help the company with their other professional competitor’s.

    I also agree with jamEs in that with a couple of small style changes, this could very easily be the xBox 360 logo. I noticed it as soon as I read his comment.

    The tagline isn’t good. It’s not easy to comprehend, at least not for me. I had to read it out loud a couple of times to get what they were trying to say to me. And the “handwritten” style of text doesn’t work well with it either, hard to read.

    I’m not a designer myself, but that’s my 2 cents on it! :)

    Andrew Cooper

  • “Where you book matters.” If you have to ponder it for over .724 seconds, then it doesn’t work. It depends on your semantic stress, and good taglines don’t depend on such things.

  • Jellis

    I’m reasonably confident the tagline is supposed to be a double entendre (sans sexual innuendo). Suggesting firstly: –

    1. Where you book your holiday/flight/accommodation is important.

    but also: –

    2. This is the place you book your matters of holiday/tavel/accommodation.

    I’m definitely a fan of the new logo, but as has been expressed, it’s likely to pale in significance when compared to the bombardment of more colourful, “2.0” style icons in the marketplace.

  • George

    My main criticism of the new logo is that it has lost the character and warmth of the old one. You’ve lost the yellow color, without replacing it with something else. So now you just have cold blues, which in my view makes it a lot more anonymous and less catching.

    The tagline doesn’t really fit with the rest of the logo either, and the subtle change to the logo font also doesn’t sit well with me. My gut reaction when I first saw the new logo in an ad was: “WTF?” One’s gut reaction is usually right.

  • Andrew

    Okay, I think the font is awesome! As for the graphic, horrible! The plane looks really funny to me. I think they should have taken the old logo and just refreshed it a little..

  • I think the old logo is more memorable, recognizable, and actually seems to express that using expedia is easy. (maybe its the cartoon-ish feel they mentioned).. The new logo seems colder, dirtier and less friendly. I cant understand why they would want to nuke such a recognized brand after a decade of apparent success building it.

  • Colin

    That has to be one of the most ambiguous taglines I’ve ever read. “Where you book matters”. No matter :) how many times I read it I still don’t get it fully, it’s as if they just put 4 random words together – “Where-you-book-matters”, it all depends on the semantic stress as AndrewCooper said above. I think this is due to the fact that the word book in this case is a verb and not a noun. Stupid – next..

  • I could reason with the more sophisticated comment by their removing the white bubble highlight shape from the old version but the perspective seems wrong on the new version. The new plane seems to look like a flat shape lying on top of the globe where as the old versions plane seemed to really look like it was making a turn around the globe. Also the new font for the logotype “Expedia” looks unfriendly when compared to the previous version. I can understand th wanting to recreate their logo with a more
    sophisticated look, but in my opinion they did not achieve that result with the redesign.

  • Anonymous

    Very cool! I like it

  • neat!

  • Orracle

    I don’t really like it at all. I definitely see the resemblance to the X-Box logo. I would’ve thought they could’ve come up with something better than this.

  • Another thought, I am just wondering how much they spent on this. I am thinking that they could have gotten much better or at least comparable results from <a href=""></a&gt;.

  • I agree with many of the points mentioned above: I do like the new design in the sense that it is executed in a much more sophisticated & professional style but I think it has definitely lost a certain amount of character. As others have said above, this makes it vulnerable to just blending in with the mass of identities already out there.

    The new “plane” doesn’t seem to be travelling around the globe at all, it seems very flat & static – it could have appeared so much more dynamic with just a few simple tweaks. Also, I have no idea why they’ve picked such a non-descript tagline, totally useless IMHO (although I have to admit I haven’t seen any of the rest of their advertising campaign so it could be cleverer than at first glance?).

    Perhaps they should really have held onto elements of their old identity (keeping the same font & the same shape of globe/plane) but just updated it gently (adding the more modern gradient, getting rid of the yellow & dropping the ‘cartoon’ style)?

  • marc

    I like the sleek-factor, but my first thought was “what’s up with the chicken footprint?” I get what the designer was trying, but it somehow does not evoke a plane because of the slender frame. I say bold it up or zoom in on the plane a little… do it now and no one will notice.

  • Anthony J

    Go to their website and the logo and tagline are inconsequential. Who really cares about the logo when it is so small up in the corner. But the rebranding of their site has changed considerably, and the user experience is no longer warm and playful. It’s cold and efficient. And way more conventional.

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