By Craig Buckler

Do You Work at the Weekend?

By Craig Buckler

It’s the weekend and, for most people in the IT world, it’s a welcome two-day break from the drudgery of work. However, part of the ‘fun’ of being a freelancer is that you can work any time: evenings, holidays or weekends. I’m doing it now!

There are several benefits to working at the weekend:

  • there are few work disruptions, such as telephone calls or emails from clients
  • it’s extra hours to get stuff done, and
  • you can complete lots of small administrative tasks which you normally put off (accounting, backups, etc.)

Understandably, there are drawbacks:


  • children and family members are more likely to disturb you
  • you may have commitments or miss social functions, and
  • all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

Some freelancers refuse to work weekends. Others will use the weekend as normal working days. I suspect many will work if they absolutely must complete a project before Monday morning.

Personally, I don’t mind putting in a few extra hours on Saturday or Sunday. It feels like ‘bonus’ time if it would otherwise be wasted watching television or shouting at the kids! I also find it quite productive — I tend to concentrate harder because there are fewer distractions and I have an incentive to finish quicker.

SitePoint is a resource for working web developers. There are those who visit the site for other reasons, but many use it to research techniques or reference web development technologies. The statistics indicate we receive around half the number of visitors at the weekend compared to mid-week. Even taking global time-zones into account, it shows there are a large number of people actively working on Saturday and Sunday.

We’d like to know whether you work at the weekend? Do you prefer it? Do you attempt different projects? Please cast your vote on the SitePoint poll or leave your comments below.

  • Hari K T

    Personally I don’t love working on weekends . We as developer always need breaks to learn the cutting edge technologies .
    We work to make our family Happy . They feel comfortable when we are with them . If we are just making money and not with them , then the money will be a waste :) .
    So be with your family to enjoy at-least 2 days :)

  • Kurtd

    Why do you force people to vote to see the results. I’m not a web freelancer but I had to vote anyway which makes your results less accurate. Why don’t you let people see the results or make an option “I’m not a web freelancer”?

  • I usually works on Saturdays for all the reasons you gave. Usually doing some investigation work or on more “personal” websites rather than working on actual projects, unless, of course, there is a deadline for the coming week.
    On Sundays I do not touch any computer at all. Unless emergency comes up, hackers do work on Sundays :-(

  • pothi

    I work only if it is necessary. Otherwise, I use the weekend to sharpen my saw.

  • Anonymous

    Craig, you might consider changing the title to “Do you work during the weekends?” The English semanticist in me never realized that a weekend was a place in which one travels to. :.)

    Maybe the essence of it all has changed? Regardless, nobody should be allowed to blasphemously spend their weekends working.

    It’s a holy place. ;.)


    I work for a couple of hours most weekends, I do all my backups Sunday morning and typically house keeping chores (IT admin stuff) on the weekend. I’m more likely to work over the weekend during the winter when its cold and snowing out then during the summer. If I need to build a server or workstation I’ll usually do this during the weekend.


  • Anonymous

    It should be: Do You Work On Weekends

  • NetNerd85

    If I had kids, I would never, ever work weekends. By the time I have kids I won’t need to worry about money (or working that “hard”). If that freedom never comes I won’t be able to afford kids any way.

    Currently, yes I sometimes work weekends. Mainly because I spread my free time out more than others. Enjoy every day, not just the weekend. There is more to life than clients and their work.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t routinely work weekends, but I will do it if something needs done. This weekend I’m working on a book chapter – it needs handed in tomorrow, and a few personal problems earlier in the month mean that I still haven’t finished it.

    I don’t like letting work take over, though, so I’ll probably take tomorrow off to make up for crunching Saturday and Sunday.

  • Kolama

    Still you didn’t get any comments because people are not even in-front of the computer screens at the weekend :) lol

  • I think what you mean to say ask is “Do you work ON the weekends?”

  • Akram Abbas

    I was expecting this kind of poll from few days. I am a web developer and I love to work at weekends. But, it disturbs my life.

  • Malakai

    It’s 01:01am and I am working. I tend to work every day and night during the week, and then on weekends I will work the evenings, unless I have something really important to do – then I will allow work to consume my weekend day time as well. It’s important to rest and recharge the batteries, occasionally I will spend an evening just watching some TV, or killing people on Red Dead Redemption / COD just so I can clear all the the mental congestion. With that said; I am not all work. I finish at the office around 17:00 – 17:30, head back home and spend time with my son until he goes to bed, then that is when I’ll get back into work mode. My day work tends to be client related, however my evening work is usually related to my own projects / ventures. I like to be building something on the side, it makes life feel less like a dead end, I need to know that I am doing something that can one day put me in good wealth and provide the best possible future for my son.

    Direct Answers:

    Yes, I work weekends.
    Yes, I prefer to work weekends.
    Yes, I attempt different projects.

  • Anonymous

    What was the point of this post? I like some of Craig’s articles but this one felt a bit pointless. Am I alone in this?

    • You may be alone in this. But I think the title should have been “Do you work ON weekends”. Am I alone in this?

      • Anonymous

        Nope, not alone. It’s been mentioned a couple times. Not sure why it hasn’t been fixed but I guess it’s a moot point now.

  • DamianH

    On the whole I don’t work weekends, I just feel that I am at my computer enough during the week and so a break to get away from technology to recharge myself and get ready for the following week is usually in order. However if elements of a project need doing I will spend a few hours on Sunday.

  • RobbieGoD

    I try not to work on the weekends, but naturally sometimes it unavoidable.

    I try to work during the week only and occasionally if i get backed up sometimes i have work that needs to be done over the weekend.

    Also, if I am learning something new, i might take those quiet hours of the weekend to learn that new thing.

  • You are a carpenter too? lol I thought I was the only one:) Well I will work on weekends, but only if absolutely necessary to have something ready for Monday morning.

  • roxminu

    I work on Sundays and Holidays! On one hand, it sucks, on the other I love my work and enjoy doing it all the time.

  • I need at least 1 day for a brain break. I usually spend part of the day Sunday doing accounting for all the accounts & if I’m teaching, reviewing or developing new class material.

    I really love it when I get the full weekend off, makes my weeks much better.

  • dfordesign

    I do work weekends. For me it is a tradeoff. I have freedoms during the work week. Sometimes I will go get a pedicure at 2PM on a Thursday, or take Tuesday afternoon and take my mother to lunch. I would much rather put in a few hours here and there on a weekend, and have flexibility during the 9-5 work week.

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