Reporters Dash to Bash Flash Crash

By Craig Buckler
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Oh Adobe. You need to be an obsessed Apple addict to agree with all Steve Jobs’ prejudices against the Flash platform. Many people found his criticisms of reliability unfounded and defended Adobe’s systems.

And then Flash crashed. At the worst possible moment. It occurred during a demonstration of the latest 10.1 player on a Nexus One phone — a handset using Google Android which has recently overtaken Apple’s iPhone as the most popular smartphone OS in the US (second to Blackberry).

The disastrous Adobe demonstration was performed by Ryan Stewart to Flash developers at FlashCamp in Seattle. The problem was reported by blogger Jeff Croft

On his Mac, Ryan pulled up a site called Eco Zoo. It is, seemingly, a pretty intense example of Flash development — full of 3D rendering, rich interactions, and cute little characters. Then, he pulled up the same thing on his Nexus One. The site’s progress bar filled in and the 3D world appeared for a few seconds before the browser crashed.

Ryan said (paraphrasing), “Whoops! Well, it’s beta, and this is an intense example — let’s try it again.” He tried it again and got the same result. So he said to the audience, “Well, this one isn’t going to work, but does anyone have a Flash site they’d like to see running?” Someone shouted out “Hulu.” Ryan said, “Hulu doesn’t work,” and then wrapped up his demo.

Both Jeff and Adobe point out that Flash on Android is a beta product. Developers know what that means, but was it wise to publicly demonstrate the system? No IT product is crash-proof but the company must have known there was a considerable risk. It’s a spectacular own-goal from Adobe especially at a time when Steve Jobs’ open letter is stating:

Flash has not performed well on mobile devices. We have routinely asked Adobe to show us Flash performing well on a mobile device, any mobile device, for a few years now. We have never seen it.

The Apple vs Adobe battle rages on.

Update: Ryan Stewart responds

Adobe’s Ryan Stewart has posted a blog entry which apologizes for his “unpreparedness”. It shows a video of a Nexus One with an updated version of the player successfully running Eco Zoo and other Flash content.

Whether the mainstream press find his update as interesting as the Flash crash news is another matter…

We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • Catnip

    Not an Apple fangirl here, in fact I can’t stand Steve Jobs and his elitist attitude, but I really do feel that Flash is past its prime. I also think that Apple could stand to cut Adobe some slack, and vice-versa. Both have top-notch products, and collaboration between them for something new and better would be more progressive than all this “Oh yeah, well look what I can do”.

    • I love apple, well I love the way the brand has suckered thousands into paying more for… well pretty much the same thing. But I agree Steve Jobs is a fantastic front man to help push the web forward to the next tier.

  • Tutorial_Guru

    That has got to be embarassing! One point for Jobs…

  • Anonymous
  • Mike

    Awesome title for this blog!!

  • EastCoast

    Probably worth seeing the response by Ryan Stewart to give a more rounded picture:

  • Heh, wonder how many times he’d practiced with Eco Zoo on the device before giving the presentation…surely at least once…

  • I feel sorry for adobe.

  • stuy1974

    LOL. But where did you source this from “Google Android which has recently overtaken Apple’s iPhone” – sounds like rubbish to me!


  • XLCowBoy
  • Cincinatus

    Androide did not outsell the iPhone. Here are three reason but there is an endless list of why those headlines and stories are nonsense.

    1) The numbers were the result of a survey, not actual sales. 2) Survey-based projections do not include corporate/enterprise mobile phone sales. 3) The data is U.S. only.

  • “unpreparedness” being the word, even though it isn’t a word :)

    pretty poor performance from ryan stewart, obviously not taking his job seriously enough

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