Cool ColdFusion things…

Eric Jones

One of the coolest things about any coding language is watching people take it from one area (the web) to another. For example php’ers have hooks into the GTK tool kit which gives them the ability to build GUI applications for the desktop etc.

Well recently two cool ColdFusion items have floated up from the net and onto my browser.

The first is a guy on the CF-TALK mailing list who’s made a CF app run from a CD using various software packages. You can see the initial thread here, and see his online documentation here. That second URL might not work all the time, as i think the developer is hosting it at home. Im sure you can see the marketing advantages this will have. Think mini-CD’s and promotions.

The second item is a software program which will allow you to create and run desktop ColdFusion applications. CORAL is a nice little application that frees you from the web. It allows you to develop and deploy your ColdFusion applications in a variety of ways including the desktop. This is nice because it free you from having to pay for a CF license every time you want to deploy your application on the desktop etc.

Hopefully you’ll find these bits of ingenuity interesting, and maybe it’ll spark your imagination a bit.