Zimbra TGZ to Thunderbird MBOX file format migrate with tool

How to convert .tgz to .mbox format. I am using Zimbra email client but all my friend use Thunderbird email client, my friend suggested try Thunderbird email, then I used Thunderbird email, really this good working, fast receiving and sending for email. Then I switched Zimbra to Thunderbird but faced some problem How to convert TGZ to MBOX file format. My important file saves in .tgz file format. Please suggest me how to convert Zimbra TGZ to MBOX file format.

Hi otrynled, welcome to the forums!

I guess you are using Windows so I searched Ms technet. They seem to recommend the commercial zimbra-to-thunderbird converter and I think you could try that. It’s probably the demo but I guess it can do the job as they linked to it as a solution.


Please tell how you did. :slight_smile:

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