Raw logs - winzip, 7-zip unable to view

Downloading the .gz raw logs file for a month, I can’t get either winzip or 7-zip to view the files in XP.

What’s the trick – I remember when I could always view these in notepad, but not now.

Do I need to reset the default from Winzip to 7-zip, and if so how is this done? The logs are being saved as Winzip files and I don’t see where this can be done. Did try going to: My Computer > Tools > Folder Options, then setting gz to open with 7-zip console, as well as tar extension.

These won’t open in 7-zip console from cpanel.

Glad that you could solve it. I’m thinking that cpanel is creating files for linux and not for windows. Linux can read files created for windows but the opposite is not truth. And most hosting providers use Linux as OS because it is cheaper (well, free ;))

what about gzip? If you use Linux, gzip is the original software that creates gz files. If you use windows, try WinRAR

Strangely enough, winzip only seems to extract the archived .gz and not the generated current ones within cpanel.

Thanks for the post molona.