YouTube vedio

My connection is broadband 128 Mbs speed. Why I can not download video from YouTube site?

What browser are you using?

Are you simply trying to play videos on the youtube site itself, or are you trying to actually download the video files?

I use Firefox Browser. Actually I tried to download YouTube Video. But can not Download it.

By default, YouTube does not offer a way to download a video file from their services unless you uploaded it.

You tube is ban in pakistan due to anti islam video last time 7 month ago I used youtube

You are right dude some time download option is not available when you watch the video…At which country are you belong because some countries block the you tube that’s why download option is not visible…

Well that’s bad. YouTube got banned in Dubai about 5 years ago, if I’m not mistaken. I don’t know the reason. But YouTube was put back months later. I believe it came from the protests of YouTube lovers there.