Can anyone recommend a great YouTube downloader?

Im looking for a YouTube downloader and Ive gone through some software on the Internet. Can anyone recommend a good one?

I’d sure appreciate hearing from you.

ClipNabber is free and works well.

you can find how to do it here

Hello, Everyone, my first post!

I use Aneesoft Free YouTube downloader, It is Free, And I think it works well.


There are indeed many software and web apps that help you download videos off YouTube and many other video sharing sites.

You can review many of these here:

Hope that helps


You should go for Get Go Download manager. Visit this

Download Flashgot Mozilla Add-on

I’m using Netvideohunter as a Firefox add-on. There is also an option to download HD if its available in the video.

I would recommend you Media Converter - the fastest free online audio and video converter . I have been using this site for last 3 years and it has never disappointed me. You can convert the video into any video/audio format and download it. It is best to download youtube videos.

I also use it, That easy to download.

For those using a Linux distribution, navigate to


and you can copy and paste the .flv from there.

As far I knowledge, or all can download Youtube video. But you know website download and convert Youtube of being unstable or insecure. Generally I like use (including HD videos) software. I recommend it.

youtube downloader is the best software for downloading youtube videos.Its free and easy to use.

I agree there’s no better option than Youtube downloader

i use IDM (Internet Download Manager) software
they have youtube downloader feature also

just googled “YouTube downloader” and open the first resultat

Real Player is an option. I don’t like to steal other peoples work, so I very, very ever use it. But it is available.

Free Make Video Downloader is a free tool for downloading video from YouTube. It also lets you converting video into different video and audio formats.

I use “Easy YouTube Video Downloader” extension of firefox. It works like a charm.

I’m using Not a software but you can do the work with it skipping the installing part. Choose the video and use the site.