You're Trapped on a Deserted Island! (January Shout-Out)

Much like the famous BBC radio show: imagine you are cast away on a deserted island.

You are allowed:

  • eight pieces of music
  • one book
  • one luxury, which cannot be something you could use to escape - so no airplanes for you! - and it can’t be an animate object (so no girlfriend, dad, best mate, or pet).

What would you take and why?

[size=1]PS: Your bonus shout-out question, courtesy of Shaun(OfTheDead):


One book: Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid

One luxury: OLPC crank-powered laptop with the hard drive filled with media (it’d have to come from a hobbyist or eBay since OLPC doesn’t sell them with integrated cranks now)

Eight pieces of music: Doesn’t matter, my whole collection’s on the OLPC!

my eight pieces of music would be the entire AC/DC Highway To Hell album, but since there are 10 tracks, i’d have to lose a couple, so i’ll take these –

  1. Highway to Hell
  2. Girls Got Rhythm
  3. Walk All Over You
  4. Touch Too Much
  5. -delete-
  6. Shot Down in Flames
  7. Get It Hot
  8. If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)
  9. -delete-
  10. Night Prowler

why? because every single one of the above tracks flat out rocks

book: SQL for Smarties, by Joe Celko

why? because there are still many sections i haven’t read thoroughly

luxury item: a five year supply of oregano, except i don’t mean oregano

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’ll start with the book because it’s easy: Ulysses by Joyce, because it will probably be one of the few times I’d get the time and space to absorb it.

The luxury item has to be a bed, surely?

Eight pieces of music:

  • One Upon a Time in America (Deborah’s theme) by Ennio Morricone
  • Debaser by The Pixies
  • Livin’ in the Real World by Blondie
  • Love this Life by Crowded House
  • Impromptu in G Flat, Op. 90/3 by Schubert
  • Also sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30 by Strauss
  • Helpless by Sugar
  • Numbers 1 to 4 by Penguin Cafe Orchestra (live recording)

Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind completely tomorrow!

You don’t mean trap, you mean that I can finally relax!

Not sure what I would take with me because that would depend on my mood…

Music (I’ll take that they are full albums wouldn’t be able to choose just one song). Tough, tough, tough:

  • 101 by Depeche Mode
  • Greatest Hits by Crowded House
  • Greatest Hits by Erasure
  • Greatest Hits by Aerosmith
  • Greatest Hits by Pet Shop Boys
  • Deadlines and Headlines by A-ha
  • Parklife by Blur
  • Greatest Hits by Mike Oldfield (or Enya)

Book… that’s hard, there would be various thousands of them but the book that comes to my mind is “The Thorn birds” by Colleen McCullough.

Luxury item: a fridge filled with coke :smiley:

Shout out: Is Shaun(OfTheDead) the best-looking in all the Universe, or just this galaxy alone?

Don’t tell him that… he already believes that he’s the finest thing ever created :lol:

He has a wonderful and lovely smile and he’s handsome but… keep it a secret. :smiley:

Hmmm… okay, here goes…


Dancing with the Rabbi - G. Feidman, because there’s nothing like good Klezmer music to lift the spirits or fall into a depression. I love it. But then again, it’s part of my heritage.

Smile - Pearl Jam, because it describes a difficult time of my life.

Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam, ref. above.

Crazy - R.E.M. - because it reminds me of my most intense friendship.

Lohengrin (Overture) - R. Wagner, because Lohengrin has one of the most fascinating, melancholic overtures I’ve ever listened to.

Violin Concerto No. 1 in D Major, Opus 19 II Scherzo Vivavicissimo - S. Prokofiev , because it’s a master piece, because I love bitter sweet violin.

Die Moorsoldaten - Hannes Wader, because it’s an excellent, heartfelt folksong and has a high nostalgia value for me.

Printemps qui commence - Samson et Dalila, because it is the first Opera I’ve seen, at the innocent age of 7.

Les jours tristes - Y. Tiersen, because it gets to my soul.


Faust, part I

Luxury item:

pencil and some paper

Shout out: Is Shaun(OfTheDead) the best-looking in all the Universe, or just this galaxy alone?
I don’t know, but he certainly is a very fine looking, handsome guy. :slight_smile:

Music. Since I am a romantic in the classical sense, these pieces of music reflect who I am and because of that, I feel at home with them. There are many more of course, but these are the ones I would not like to be without:

  1. Rachmaninoff – Piano Concerto No.2 in C Minor
    This is the piece of music that contains all that I love about life. It is a reflection of my soul.
  2. Antonin Dvorak – Cello Concerto in B Minor
    It just makes me feel good listening to it.
  3. Gustav Mahler – Auferstehungs-Symphony
    It is a work reflecting conflict and emotional upheaval resulting in triumph in the end. A goose bump raiser.
  4. Niccolo Paganini – Violin Concerto No.1 in D Major
    Full of life and laughter, pure joy.
  5. Tchaikovsky – Concerto No.1 in B-flat Minor
    A romantic piece to perfection. Drama. Idealism.
  6. Franz Liszt – Piano Concerto No.1 in E-flat major
    Music that shows the development of an idea. A small aha-moment being explored and expanded. A very intellectual work with the perfect satisfied ending of a completed work.
  7. Beethoven – Fidelio
    His only opera, a story of the perfect love. The rescue of a man by his wife from the dungeons of a suppressive Government.
  8. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
    I have a special relationship to the City Of New Orleans. This song says a lot about this city and lets me think of those many weeks spent there.

One Book:
There is only one book that encapsulates how I view the world: “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand.

One Luxury
Chocolate :smiley:

PS: Your bonus shout-out question, courtesy of Shaun(OfTheDead):

Originally Posted by Shaun(OfTheDead)
Shout out: Is Shaun(OfTheDead) the best-looking in all the Universe, or just this galaxy alone?

Since the Universe we are capable of observing right now is filled with protons, neutrinos, shaunions and mirrors, which are said to have come about by the big bang, Shaun must have been part of that big bang. So he floats about in the Universe amongst the mirrors and sees a reflection of himself at all times. He is not aware that there are billions–to quote famous Carl Sagan :p–of shaunions that do the same thing. He sees another shaunion and thinks it is a mirror image. No wonder he is confused :smiley: and thinking of himself as the best-looking, while he really is just looking at his fellow shaunions.

I think it is time to give Shaun his own dedicated mirror. Sure, that will cost a little more, but it is well worth the price. Maybe he will get a more realistic view of himself, or he might just fall in Love with what he sees and will cause many cosmic collision for not watching where he floats, only his likeness will interest him. Then the countries of the world will unite in shooting down this potential hazard to earth. Poof.

Music: The Allman Brothers - Live at the Filmore East. (-4 songs) :slight_smile:
Book: A Macbook :wink:
Luxury: Some of that oregano Rudy is eating. :stuck_out_tongue:

- eight pieces of music
- one book
- one luxury, which cannot be something you could use to escape - so no airplanes for you! - and it can’t be an animate object (so no girlfriend, dad, best mate, or pet).

What would you take and why?

Damnit - I was going to say my bf as he’s a survival guru :sick: oh well, lets see…

[B][COLOR=SeaGreen]I would take 8 songs that would hold great meaning to me and would help me not go insane :lol: - btw, I guess this desert island has like a cd player that plugs in or has batteries and stuff :rolleyes: :confused2

[COLOR=DarkOrange]The book - I’d find the biggest book ever which would be entitled “The Complete Guide To Surviving On A Desert Island With Absolutely Nothing To Help You” - it would also make for a good fire - the pages I had already read and didnt need anymore of course :lol:

Luxury item would be a mirror - to signal for help when there’s ships n stuff passing by :tup: Unlike you guys, I dont plan on being trapped forever :lol:

:rolleyes: is this a trick question, obviously I’M the bestest looking :rolleyes:

Depends… if you can’t drag his butt off the couch, he might count as an inanimate object! … or maybe that’s just mine :shifty:

My luxury would be the Internet.

That way, I could have all my music and pretty much any book.

But if you don’t also have a PC… :wink:

8 Pieces of music:

  1. A Day In The Life (Beatles)
  2. Such Great Heights (Postal Service)
  3. Fake Empire (The National)
  4. I Ain’t No Joke (Eric B. and Rakim)
  5. Paper Planes (M.I.A.)
  6. Bring the Noise (Public Enemy)
  7. The Chariot (Cat Empire)
  8. … et J’ai Couche Dans Mon Char (Richard Desjardins)

One Book:

  1. Gödel, Escher, Bach (Douglas Hofstadter)

One Luxury:

+1 for a good supply of oregano

…and I forgot to include any Dylan… 8 songs is nowhere near enough!

Luxury item: Oregano seeds
Book: How to grow potent Oregano
Music: Either some Bob Marley, or the 8 part audio book: “How to build a sea worthy boat on a desert island” - depends on how much Oregano I had when shopping. %D

Interesting thread… insane responses :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not entirely sure as far as music goes… Perhaps the greatest hits album by The Corrs, The Cranberries or Bellefire (I like Irish pop for some strange reason).

My book choice would be the Lord of the Rings (if I’m allowed all 3 parts), if not then the Divine Comedy by Dante (classic).

My luxury item would be a samurai sword… something to protect me from the natives :lol:

As for Shaun, he’s the best looking guy in HIS galaxy, luckily for us that’s far far away and only has a population of one :stuck_out_tongue:

he’s not a couch potato - far from it! but he wouldve been all i would need to survive on the island but grrrr! lol

:scratch: u do actually want to survive on the island :shifty: i think i’d go insane if i brought his music along - i enjoy his music but jeeze it screws with ur head too much, then again perhaps its best if you did go insane therefore you wouldn’t really be conscious of reality :rofl:

What a fun thread! Reading these replies made me smile, I gotta say… :slight_smile:

Anyway,… Just what do you mean by Desert? I mean, there’s gotta be enough flora and fauna to keep ya going, eh? and perhaps a nice mountain to climb and river for some fresh water? …

Deserted is something I can live with, easily :wink:

If that’s what we’re going by, and sorry to get really contentious about the details, but there’s a hut with a solar panelled generator, some key appliances (like something to play the music?) and the internet comes as standard, right? :smiley:

Ok then, here we go:


1. Beethoven: Complete Symphonies. ~ Couldn’t live for long with out these
2. Cezar Frank: Symphony in Dminor ~ Something I have fond memories of
3. Bob Marley: Complete studio album box set ~ Being a bit cheeky with this one, like the Beethoven, but I couldn’t live without it. Failing that, any best-of would be better than nothing.
4. Joe Satriani: Strange Beautiful Music ~ Again, many fond memories accompany this album- more than any of his others
5. Ravi Shankar: Any best-of ~I’ve developed a taste for indian classical music, given that being a musician it confuses and inspires me
6. Hariprasad Chaurasia: Any best-of ~ See #5 above
7. Paulinho Nogueira: Primeiras Composicoes ~ A great Latin-American guitar player with awesome technique and style.
8. Heitor Villa-Lobos: Forest of the Amazon ~ A lush and exotic piece, although I could easily say his Bachianas brasileiras. I’ve tried to be specific here instead of cheating with “the complete works of” :smiley:


Shantaram: by Gregory David Roberts A mammoth book that took me ages to read, but has enough variety to never get boring. As a slow reader, it would be perfect. The book is a novel based on the true story of the Authors’ life: Having escaped a maximum-security prison in his home-country (co-incidentally, Australia) and fled to Mumbai where in the course of the novel, he’s changed by his experiences and slowly wakes up to the error of his ways and becomes a better man. Epic. It’s a real roller-coaster book, and while I don’t agree with much of the philosophy in the book it still touched me.

Without question or reserve, it would have to be my Guitar. (I’m going to bank on there being plenty of oregano growing wild :wink: :lol: see my intro for reasons why I don’t think this is a real desert island :D)

If by desert you mean really-really-desert, then I suppose I’ll have to do without food and water :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

BONUS QUESTION: Is Shaun(OfTheDead) the best-looking in all the Universe, or just this galaxy alone?

Perhaps one, or both. But there’s always alternative dimensions to consider ! :cool: So his supposed good-looks are not a constant of the universe but in fact freakish occurrence. Like a terrible car accident :x :lol:

I’d pretty soon get sick of any 8 pieces of music I can think of, ditto for just one book, so give me an acoustic guitar instead, a good supply of weed and a dictionary so I don’t forget all the words I know (except I’d probably forget where I put it) and I’d be happy as Larry.

:smoke: baking on my island dude.


I’d bring a book about long-distance breast-stroke. For music; Dory the fish singing, “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming…”, and the luxury item will be a man-sized piece of cork with ankle bands :shifty: