Best domain extension for a portfolio

Hi guys, just wondered what would be the best domain extension for my portfolio, .com is taken for my name. Thanks.

I suppose that could be NET domain name. You have online business and I suppose that must be good name

As has been said by a fellow member .NET is good and the boundaries between gTLDs somehow blur these days. But you have to consider the topic of your site and your audience to go for alternatives or a ccTLD. Modifying or hyphenating the name also comes to mind.

See I am in two minds about it, the obvious would go for com/net/org as they are by far the most popular and rememberable of any web extension (or perhaps a ccTLD for your own country) but I will throw in the spanner and put forward the possibility of either .info (as it is an informational website) or even .me (while this is a ccTLD it does have the representational value of an individual) :slight_smile:

thanks chaps, i’m looking at .info because it’s the cheapest but is it the most suitable? i think this thread has made me more confused hehe, my site will have my cv, web sites that I have developed, experience and contact. Thanks again for the advice.

That is the cheapest because no demand for it, Think twice :wink:

If it your personal portfolio then .name is cheaper and most suitable.

Good luck actually that is wrong, the whole point of the .name extension is for a personal website, not a business website, a portfolio or showcase of someones skills is clearly for a professional or career based website therefore the .name extension is totally unsuitable. Info may be cheap but it does not mean it is not in demand or wanted, the simple truth is the info gTLD has a genuine purpose for informative websites which perhaps do not directly sell services but are sources of public information, generally it doesn’t have as much notice as com, net or org but that’s probably because it has not been around as long. I would argue that com, net and org aren’t nearly as popular as most people claim because if you take into account parked domains, domains which have been baught up and held for auction / ransom or are simply remaining dormant you probably have close to 90% of all gTLD registrations.

IMHO must go with .NET rather than .info

If i cant use a domain with . com or . net i will try to find something similar in one of those two extensions.

Unfortunatelly you did not read my post carefully. Please read the word ‘personal’ :smiley:

Best regards.

A portfolio (even a personal one) is a showcase of your work, not of you as an individual, it’s about your skills (like a resume), not a vanity website, therefore .name is inappropriate, the whole point of .name websites is to offer information about a person, not to advertise or advocate the skills they offer (technically). :slight_smile:

Portfolio that is public thing.
In any case ORG NET or info domain names would be fine

I wouldnt use .info at all. Consider the .me domain extension! There’s a ton of them still available, and they’re nice and short. You might be able to find a really good domain still available.

Otherwise, I’d use .net. They rank almost as well as .com’s with Google.

Better you can have .com domain. It will be easy to do seo process.

I would love to know how you came to this conclusion, because quite frankly, it’s entirely groundless. :rolleyes:

according to me extension should be .com and it will work best. choose the best domain name.

How .com domain is easy for SEO process :wink:

It is easy for non techi peoples or general public. Am I correct? :stuck_out_tongue: