Your opinion: Magento, is it simple or not?

Hello SitePoint members,

I’d like to ask all of you who have experience in using Magento or have developed shops with it some questions about the simplicity of the platform. I’m always pitching Magento to my clients and have never seriously used any other ecommerce platform since I believe Magento has been the most suitable choice for all of the cases I’ve come across so far.

The questions I would love to hear your opinions on are actually very simple and they are only two so they shouldn’t take up many minutes of your time. I would be very grateful if you could share your opinion of the Magento interface from you point of view.

Note: These questions are about the user-friendliness of the front and admin sections and not the development hassle of the platform, which I’m well aware of. :wink:

  1. Do you and/or your customers/clients believe the Magento checkout and order process is simple and “idiot-proof”?

  2. Do you and/or your customers/clients believe the admin area is “idiot-proof”, i.e. simple to use?
    This regards adding products, categories, attributes, attribute sets, handling filters and so on.

Any other opinions regarding Magento is of course also appreciated. Basically, I would love to hear your opinion on the simplicity of the Magento platform from the perspective of you and/or your clients/customers. It would be very helpful and greatly appreciated!

Thank you all in advance. I’ll let you know my own personal opinion too of course but I’ll hold on to it until I’ve gotten a few first replies. :wink:

I once installed the shopping cart system.It’s great.And many people think highly of it,according to what I got from my friends.But I like Prestashop.I think it’s also very good.