Backtracking on Magento installation - best software for small lingerie site?

Hi all,

My girlfriend wants a lingerie website, so I setup an online store for her using Magento … I have to say, I’ve only used a few different CMS in my time, but this really comes close to Sharepoint for being unnecessarily convoluted, complex and overwhelming. Even basic tasks are quite tricky so I don’t think she has much of a chance.

But what is the best alternative?

Ideally she’d like to have 5 fixed categories (with no need to expand on that) so it’d be great to have some system that’s has a really easy to customise homepage (or has a nice theme) that’ll let her have just 5 big pictures on the homepage, rather than the traditional listings with menus and info everywhere. Something that’s really not very text heavy at all.

And an extra bonus would be a system that makes it really easy for people to checkout (ie purely via PayPal/Google checkout if necessary) and also lets her notify people when things are getting shipped

I’d really appreciate any suggestions and feedback - thank you!

Thank you for the votes so far, seems interesting that Wordpress and OsCommerce have zero votes, although maybe that was to be expected.

Why do you say that? WordPress came right of the top of my head… although I would give PrestaShop a good look. I think that PrestaShop will do very well and they do have some nice themes (which can be modified) and although the official site charges even for breathing (Prestashop itself is free but that addons aren’t), you can find all sort of free plugins with the same functionality online.

Ah… I wouldn’t use OSCommerce… it is obsolete at the moment and PrestaShop is, somehow, its descendant :wink:

VirtualMart is another option although you can say that it is a Joomla extension.

Another suggestion would be to do a search in SPF for “shopping carts” and you’ll find lots of thread with discussions about which one will be best :smiley:

Many thanks molona, lots of good suggestions there - going to really get into it tonight and check out all of these options :slight_smile: Ty!

Thanks Monola for information and I think WordPress is one of the best way to work either its simple or to work for E commerce sites and I mostly recommend to work in WordPress.