Advice on eCommerce platform choice needed


I’m really frustrated with the choice of platforms out there and I’m looking for a new one.
Currently using Magento (ce), but very annoyed by it in general (I won’t moan here).

Do you know of a platform that meets the following criteria?:

  • Written in PHP (encase I need to extend functionality)
  • Uses jQuery as it’s frontend library (or no library at all, so I can implement jQuery without extra overhead of another library).
  • MVC design pattern.
  • Isn’t hideously bloated and is relatively fast.
  • Is not a cloud based solution.
  • Don’t mind paying a one off price (even if it’s a lot), but I don’t want to pay a subscription.
  • Doesn’t need to be full featured as a lot of functionality needed is custom and I will code myself.

Any ideas?


All of criteria would meet with opencart. In advance Opencart is good for SEO as well.

Thanks. I was sure that OpenCart wasn’t MVC, but I’ve looked and it is, so thank you for pointing me in the right direction

Magento is overdone over complex. Indeed Opencart is a better option . It is 100% MVC based
Has good number of free and low priced plugins.
We have established more than 30 e-commerce sites on opencart and can vouch for its security .
Customization is too relatively easy.
However one complicated issue is transferring the data from Magento to OpenCart DB
We have done it for few shops and its complicated

Prashant <snip>

Opencart is good but if you have too many products than the database cannot handle so many products and website becomes very slow

Though if you have current ecommerce as magento than I am assuming that you have dedicated server so I dont think there will be an issue

i had a problem with opencart in past when one of the website had about 5000 products…

Prestashop is also good one which you can consider

Incorrect. We have developed ecommerce sites with more than 50,000 products on shared hosting . It works very efficiently. Possibly there is some problem in your database query.


I never meet these kind of issues with OpenCart and I am handling huge database with proper response time from server.Once you consult with your web hosting provider,it may solve by them.

Opencart is best for E-Commerce Platform!!