Choosing domain name: very generic and popular or long tail?

I need to choose the domain for my next project.
I hesitate between a very popular keyword, let’s say for the example: ‘running’.
All the major TLDs, .com, .net for that name are occupied by squatters, they are not genuine sites.

so I plan to use it with one of those new TLDS like ‘’.

Potential problem: there are lots of dictionnaires and wikipedia entries on google for the word ‘running’. Question is will I ever be able to go high on google before those entries? It’s tempting to chose this one because I can get a single very popular word domain.

or should I opt for a long tail series of word like ‘’? This is less generic, but I will not have to fight the wikipedia and dictionnaires entries for a generic name.

What do you suggest and why?

I personally prefer dictionary words but if it is not available then go for a phrase that’s easy to remember like ‘’ or runningfit.TLD.

Where you rank in search results is much more dependent upon the relevance and quality of your content than it is upon your domain name.

Like @ORiN, I would recommend you choose a domain name which will be easy to remember for people looking for your site.