Your Design Workflow for Big Projects in Sketch

I’ve been a Sketch user for already 3 years, but I always find myself hesitating how to approach a complex project (usually web app) in terms of organizing design screens and assets in Sketch.

At first, I though it’s good to mix mobile, tablet and desktop screens into one Sketch file, because it’s easy to compare all the 3 in one place, but due to the complexity I realize it’d be better to separate each in different Sketch files.

Why? Mostly because the text styles are usually different on different platform. For instance, a page title will be significantly smaller on mobile, than on desktop. But the problem is symbols. They get copied, and if I want to change the symbol’s appearance, I would need to change it 2 or 3 times. But then again, a header component created as a symbol would look completely different on mobile than desktop. So it turns out some symbols are the same (ex. icons, illustrations, input fields), but some are completely different.

Anyway, there are many more questions that arise. But I would like to hear your opinion, how you approach these challenges that become more tedious as the project grows in complexity.

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