Designing for other devices

Where do you start your designs from smaller (phones to tablets) to bigger (PC Screen).
and do you have a separate mock ups for phones and tablets?

I tend to start my designs with the desktop/laptop screens and then revise using media queries for smaller devices. The reason I do this way, is that I find it easier to simplify the design as the screen gets smaller, as opposed to maybe adding features to the larger screens after the mobile version is designed.

Often I will just do a mock-up for the full screen, but still have a very clear idea in my mind what I want the designs for the the mobile devices to look like, even though I don’t actually make the mock-up.


For sure you start traditionally designing from huge screens and move to mobile designs. However in modern world the main part of visitors come from mobile devices. I guess the process will be soon changed

you can also use Twitter Bootstrap frameworks where it makes way easier to deal with different size screens.

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