Yii Framework

Hi All,

Does anyone here work on the Yii framework earlier? I have been working on it since last couple of days. I am stuck up with the “Active Record” concept and how can i pull the data from one table to other table at one CRUD page? :sick:

I have read this blog-

Yii Relational Active Record Tutorial - Hungred Dot Com

But still not able to get friendly with this particular framework. :shifty: Can anyone share their thought on how they started with this framework or useful video link or any useful documentation?

Thanks in advance.

I started by reading all of the definitive guide. It’s a very nice and extensive piece of documentation, and it tells you everything (well, okay most of everything anyway) you need to know to get started with Yii :slight_smile:

Also you can find a book for Yii

I have that one. It’s fairly good, but puts quite a lot of focus on TDD. It’s interesting and the book is written fairly well, but if you’re looking for an in-depth book on Yii, this isn’t it.

Thanks for your reply ScallioXTX and dimis283,

I am reading that only but do you know any blog link or anything where the explanation is more user friendly something like following blog-

Yii Relational Active Record Tutorial - Hungred Dot Com

Here the blogger has given the example on the relational database.