What is there to know about php

what is there to know about php

Hello @wilburwinner88 I have unlisted your topic for the present as your question is so vague it will not get any helpful answers.

Can you gives us something more to go on, something to explain what you want to know about PHP, what you are thinking of using if for, etc.


i want to start working with yii framework ,thats why i would like to get hints on what to focus more with php

Why? What do you want to build? Why do you think Yii is the best option for that?

Not saying Yii is bad, but it has its pros and cons, and using it for the wrong thing may be very difficult.

am a beginer i was thinking of builing a forum application

Most beginners start with a “Hello World” program.

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thank you guys for all your contribution,appreciate!

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