PHP/MySQL framework

Does anyone know a good easy to learn PHP/MySQL framework for quickly prototying databases?

cakePHP and codeignitier look good but I think something quicker to learn would be better


What’s wrong with just straight PHP/MySQL?

If you only want to “prototype” the DB, check out Doctrine. You can write the DB schema in a nice format (YAML) and have it generate the model for you.

Maybe you should give a try to Symfony also.

smftre, frameworks simplify your work and help you to be more productive. I’ve just posted on that topic in my blog.
Steve100, any good framework has learning curve. I think, it’s around 3-7 days until you can use it efficiently enough. Personally I chose Yii because it is simple and has some [URL=“”]easy-to-follow tutorials. In addition, it is actively developed by very responsible people, has friendly community and is [URL=“”]quite fast. In addition, it integrates nicely with 3rd party packages like Doctrine, Propel or even Zend Framework. So you may rely on Yii’s efficient design and use the tools that you’ve used to!

I was starting to think I was the only Yii user here on SP.
Good to see there are others! :smiley:

Yep! Symfony is great :slight_smile: Some of our projects at the company were done using it and we loved it :). With its excellent documentation and some previous knowledge of MVC our first project using Symfony was quickly and excellently achieved :slight_smile: