XAMPP phpadmin cannot start session

Lots of posts on this problem pointing the reader to a log file, but I can’t seem to find the log file in question.

The phpadmin message is

Cannot start session without errors, please check errors given in your PHP and/or webserver log file and configure your PHP installation properly.

But I get an “access denied” popup when I attempt open on;

Are any of these the file the phpadmin message means? If so, how do I gain access? (My personal computer)

I’ve been using XAMPP tools (incl MYSQL and the PHPAdmin) for a number of years and a number of applications.

This occurred immediately after I tried and failed to DROP my autoincrement Primary Key from a mySQL table. The application crashed and this is what received when I tried to go back in.

I uninstalled, pulled down a new XAMPP package from SourceForge – even defragged my hard drive (yeah – I know but I’m desperate), but still have a problem. The only difference is that now all of the above log files are “access denied” where I was able to get in to some of them before.

I’ve lost three weeks of work over this snafu – anyone have ideas?

The [disgruntled] grNadpa: Brian Case

Computer Shut Down/Cold start took care of it.

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