WWW not showing in search results


Our website is showing with www in it’s URL in Google search results. so it is showing just mysite.com however we want to show the website url as www.mysite.com.

How can we show this in Google Search results ?

Please help


The first thing to do is to configure your server to redirect people from example.com to www.example.com.

There’s a tutorial about it at http://www.stepforth.com/resources/web-marketing-knowledgebase/non-www-redirect/

Off Topic:

When you’re using dummy URLs to explain the point, please don’t allow them to become clickable links. If they start with http:// or www. then you need to un-tick the “Automatically parse links in text” box. If you leave it ticked, we end up with a load of outbound links to dummy sites. Thanks!

Okay, i will take care of the about dummy URLs in future. I already have done this 301 redirects on the site from Non-WWW to WWW domain.

Any other method to resolve this issue.


If you put a canonical link in the <head> of each page giving the preferred format of the URL, Google will - in time - start to use the preferred format. This should be along the lines of
&lt;link rel="canonical" href="http://www.example.com/page.htm"&gt;

Thanks, however it is already there

Can anyone help me please…

If you’ve put redirects and canonical links in place, the only other thing I can suggest is to see if you’ve got any incoming links that use the wrong form of the address, and ask them to correct it.

Are you using Wordpress by any chance? If so, make sure that you have written the www. in the site address under Settings > General.

If you’ve done everything Stevie D has advised, or they are already done, then you don’t need to worry any further.

There are cases when Google, Bing etc will remove the www cruft from the URL - the www/no-www isn’t something that web surfers, searchers etc care about. at all. So you shouldn’t either…

there can be many thing server problem and extra but checkout your webmaster tool . you submitted your website with www or not there is a option <lab> go there and check your url status what have you pointed there with www or without www