Writing a Proper CV (or resume)

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So, I need to write a proper CV for myself as I am about to proceed to start finding a new job in IT. I’ve never had a proper resume or CV up until this point. Can anyone give me any references on where to start with resume/CV building?

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Strangely enough I showed http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resume to a friend the other day as they needed to do the same thing.

While that has some good general information in regards to resumes, it doesn’t help with actually writing it much.

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If you read through it there are some excellent tips in there to help you write one…

CVs should be purely factual without implying skills which do not exist.

A reverse chronological list of the job seeker’s education or training… (British)

A bulleted list of the job seeker’s key skills or rather, professional assets - skills alone are somewhat unsophisticated (British)

In the United States and Canada, a CV is expected to include a comprehensive listing of professional history including every term of employment, academic credential, publication, contribution or significant achievement. In certain professions, it may even include samples of the person’s work and may run to many pages.

Here’s a few more links for you…



Thanks for the links, those appear to be a little more helpful.

So, do you normally prepare a CV as a MS Word .doc, PDF, or?

That depends how the employer wants them. My friend wrote his up in Word so has the option to print or export to PDF.

Most are prepared in Word with an alternative plain text version for employers who request those (although anyone asking for plain text on their website will immediately request a word version if they are interested).

Resume writing is an art more than a science. Your best bet is to read a lot and I mean a lot of samples from websites about how to do it (about.com has a good section) to examples on professional resume writing sites. Find the style that makes most sense for your background and write a version. Tweak it a few times, ship it off to a couple of peers to review, tweak it some more and continue to tweak it as you get responses from employers. A good resume is always being changed whether it’s for improvements or to emphasize a skillset for a particular role.

I would always suggest a covering letter too when applying for a job. It should explain a little more about you and why you are applying for that job in particular. It helps you stand out.

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Ted said it right. Another thing to consider is a resume style that may work for one job/or company, may not work for another. You should have a basic resume that you use as a template, but it should be flexible so you can tailor it to the specific job you are seeking.

most would appy it in word format and also I would always suggest a covering letter too when applying for a job. :slight_smile:

A prefect CV is one that has the correct layout, clearly presents all necessary information, easy to read and is created by keeping in mind the requirements of the company and the job advertisement or job specification offered.

90% Employers accept msword format. Big Reason is Msword document takes less size than that of pdf or any other–.

Try ms-word Templates,its really good.You would find variety of layouts there & for the attractive text, to put in a CV,that you can search on web, rephrase the words.

Your Resume must contain the following things:

  1. At the top you should clearly mention your name. It should be at the lest side of the page.
  2. give your fresh photo it should with proper background not with backgrounds like affal tower. It should be with proper simple color.
  3. Below your name you should give your residential address and postal address.
  4. You should mention your Cell No. It must contain that No. which you are currently you’re using and another is optional. Afterward give your home phone no.
  5. Mention your E-mail Id. it should begin with your name not begin with similar to these names Love2yyy@hotmail.com etc.
  6. Give your qualification detail. It must contain your last degree 1st and other following that one.
  7. If have any job experience? give it’s detail in duration. For example, one year working experience as an Assistant Accountant.
  8. give complete detail of your strong points like Loyal to employer, honest, hardworking, work with quality etc.
  9. give detail of your extra qualification like 6 months diploma in English grammar.
  10. you extra-curriculum activities.
  11. Your leisure time or hobbies.

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I hate writing resumes… Typically, I ask past/current co-workers who wrote one. If you have a good connection, they wouldn’t mind sending you one. Typically, I select the best one and keep the same format.

I think if the OP hasn’t gotten the answer they needed in 2 years, it won’t happen. Thus, there’s no point in continuing this discussion.