Best software to make your resume

Word, Indesign, even photoshop perhaps?

What do you guys use to build your resume?

Word is boring, and doesnt give me the control I am looking for. I dont know InDesign very much yet, but I am thinking of doing some primers to get myself fluent enough to make my resume in it.

Thanks for any tips :smiley:

What is the job you are applying for? I can see if you were applying as a designer for an ad agency, whipping something fun up in photoshop. I personally use Word…but I’m a boring programmer :stuck_out_tongue:

Where resumes usually go to a human resources department, I’d go with Word.

what about for printed resume’s?

I know for online versions word and/or PDF is best, but what about printed only resumes?

Exactly what I was thinking about myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Word for printed works just fine. :slight_smile:

Word or .txt files are generally best.

You need to remember that most of these resumes end up in databases and need to be easily searchable.

Speaking from experience this is absolutely true!

As a ‘boring programmer’ I’ve got mine as an xml document, which is then transformed to plain text, html using an XSL template and finally converted to Postscript & PDF and RTF (I haven’t found any automated tool to convert to Word format yet… although converting to OpenOffice seems fairly simple).

I originally did it to learn XSL, and I’ve stayed with it for a few years now. GeekPoints++;

RTF is virtually Word. You can use PHP (I’m not sure what language you use) and COM (on Windows) to open the RTF file and save it as a .doc file with about 10 lines of code.

I think that’s a GeekPoints+=500. :stuck_out_tongue: That’s pretty clever. Do you use XSL to convert to RTF/PDF? I decided to try that once. Man was it ever disgusting. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use different stylesheets to convert from xml to html, then use tools such as html2ps, ps2pdf and html2rtf to do the rest of the work for me. Different converters like different types of html (and obviously if their viewing the html via the web they want all the extra fancy stuff).

The html2ps & ps2pdf combo is pretty neat, it bookmarks the headings (and keeps they organized in the correct heirarchy). Perhaps my next format should be man pages… ‘man harrys-resume’ :lol:

InDesign by far. Great control over typography.

harry…you are my idol. :slight_smile:

wow… never thought of this :slight_smile:

and yeah, I’m also a boring programmer using Word doc’s